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Food and Drinks

This is a group where we can share our culinary skills. I would like to see recipes created at home by the average cook. I specialize on cooking for one I make my own recipes and try and test... Read More
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Health and Diet

you don’t have to completely put your life on hold while you cleanse. Our juice cleanses are designed to be convenient and gentle enough to not interfere with your daily life. With that said,... Read More
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Food Around the World

Eating... is one of my favorite things to do.... Would love to know what you like to eat..... But also...How do you prepare it. This group is about Sharing your favorite recipes..... Please... Read More
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Raw Vegan!

I created this group in order to meet others who are following the same path like me... Currently I am a vegetarian with a strong tendency towards the Raw Vegan Lifestyle. I would say that right... Read More
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The Cooking And Recipe Contest Lovers Group

I know there are some great cooks out there who want to know where the contests are and what the prizes are so Im sharing my resources... Food Reference will keep you informed about all the good... Read More
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Only Fine Foods

Purchasing the food products through the internet. Read More
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Mediterranean food

I f you like Mediterranean food and if you like prepare food your place is here!!Find and share recipes!! Read More
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Bottle Shop Ringwood Store Thirsty

The go-to place for anyone looking for a bottle shop in Moorabbin is the Thirsty Camel. As one of the most well-known bottle shops in Australia Read More
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Bottle Shop Lara

Looking for a liquor store? Don't look anywhere else but Thirsty Camel! Read More
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Act Drink

DrinkACT sells high impact products that are priced for the masses not for the few! Imagine waking up each day full of energy and vitality, functioning at top form, both mentally and physically,... Read More
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