It's a good business when you are with the group. I appreciate Bruce Bates's effort to promote cooperativism. Here in the Philippines, government as well as the non-government organizations are pushing through with cooperatives where people joint force to level big capitalists in terms of business competitions.
 - victorinojacalan73 November 11th, 2012

Bruce is very dedicated and intense in his pursuits, achiever in short period of time of joining. Deserves to be applauded.
 - bombayman November 11th, 2012

Having had the pleasure of interacting with Bruce, as well as the amount of stuff I have learned from his writings, comments and articles here, I am grateful to have met you... like you make the time spent at APSense even more worthwhile. I appreciate that and surely speak for many others.
 - plonkie November 10th, 2012

thanks for threwing for you information group of you into siding on next is times troup over up for your!
 - as3497559 November 9th, 2012

Its great Bruce, you really experienced a lot of things.
 - fiett November 8th, 2012

It's obvious Bruce knows what he's doing, it's a pleasure being connected with him.
 - bigjohng November 7th, 2012

I would like to make this recommendation concerning a gentleman to whom I have just recently had the opportunity to connect with here on the APSense platform and to whom I can say has really made an positive impact on the rest of the members here on the team. I have also taken the initiative to be a member in his network marketers group and looking forward to the many things to be further learned as to how to become a better internet marketer.
 - myandurbiz November 5th, 2012

Bruce and I met in an argument. Which when I thought about it we were talking about the same thing. If you listen to Bruce you will make more money and live a nice wholesome life. If you listen to me you will get kicked out of a bar but have the time of your life as short as it might be. He takes his time to go into details to help anyone. Bruce is a special person, the last of the breed of deep rooted good people. OK, this is getting weird. He is a good person to know.
 - havx November 4th, 2012

Bruce has helped us take our brand to new levels something that would have taken us years to do without his guidance.
 - sgardner November 4th, 2012

Bruce is a 'go getter' who is experienced in affiliate marketing and has been active on the internet and APSense. Bruce's vast experience will make the Marketers Co-op a 'must have' in any marketers basket of advertising resources.
 - tonytezak November 4th, 2012

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