Bruce Bates is one of the active person on this social site! He is the core of online marketing knowledge!
 - logodesignbizz February 24th, 2014

I recommend Bruce Bates, it seems to me he has great marketing, business solutions for us all. Take a look.
 - winqxara February 12th, 2014

I knew Bruce here on Apsense and from experience and time I can say he is a trustfull and honest Internet Marekter able to help you getting your online business working. Bruce is experienced in many ways and can help you to avoid fraud offers or even tell you whats hot and whats not! Bruce is a steady marketer, he is direct and this is something that makes him kind of original! Thank you Bruce for all that amazing contribution to Apsense and the IM world! :) Regards from Spain. Lothar B.
 - webuser24 January 29th, 2014

Now Mr. Bates and I will never 100% agree on everything but one thing without a doubt he is a stand up person. I have been doing this for 15+ years and he is one of the people that you only come accross once. He has a wealth of knowledge that he isn't selfish about sharing. As much as this burns me to say it the way I'm doing it...I refer as many people to Bruce as possible and I feel they are in good hands doing so. I hope you have an happy and fulfilled life Bruce. Thanks.
 - mikef January 9th, 2014

Bruce vast experience online let him have the truthful "know how" on every subject that he posts, or writes about. His opinion and advice, there for, can only be extremely valuable to consider on most financial opportunities around
 - omadawn December 29th, 2013

Hi Bruce, I am new to ApSense and know little just yet on how it works. My "mission" is to make a recommendation. Since I don't understand exactly what this is supposed to mean, I recommend you have a wonderful Christmas, Happy New Year and take care of your health. It is getting much too expensive and doctors are dropping out right and left.
 - momaram December 22nd, 2013

hi how are you nice to meet you how going internet online business
 - simba3 December 21st, 2013

In my opinion I think Bruce Bates is a graet business aquaintance, friend and assistant.Brings great Value addition to the common platform.
 - mercutiopeters December 19th, 2013

you are doing good job... Sir I like it... Please Give me Some suggestions for me.
 - josephcool December 19th, 2013

Knowledge is toward your business I see you much of it keep up the great work.
 - sharpebux December 13th, 2013

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