I would like to Bruce, because he is very good marketer.
 - shakeelayubpk February 12th, 2017

3,864 connections, 79 recommendations, 9,202 honor points. Joined APSense since, July 28th, 2012, From New Lebanon, United States.
 - strujajoe November 8th, 2016

I recomend you as Active Marketer, also see my profile. Thanks
 - ggmedia July 19th, 2016

Good Dy Bruce, It's seems like a lifetime since we last chatted, how have you been doing. I know you are a marketer, and I wanted to tell you about a suite of pro conversions tools that I am having tremendous success with. Every time I send out an ad, I at least get 3 to 5 signup a day. I would be glad to tell you more, if you are interested you can connect with me on skype @ hildogojones Looking forward to chatting with you on skype.
 - rumruner41 December 28th, 2015

hello Bruce is on of my best friend. he is an honest person
 - vijay08mkp December 25th, 2015

I'd like to recommand Bruce, because he is an excellent marketer. Check his page.
 - isamusojourno December 16th, 2015

Our cooperative is truly different, a major part of the cooperative is the leadership of Bruce. He guides us step by step and stays in touch with us in our skype room. He assists with any issues we may have until resolved. Thank U Bruce
 - alamoshopper December 11th, 2015

Je veux rajouter et CORRIGER en même temps que les idées de Bruce sur la publicité Coopérative sont CLAIRES et PRECISES.
 - numidal December 11th, 2015

The Marketers Co-op is a feature and tools rich environment capable of reaching around the entire world. Having a cooperative versus adversarial group of people to work with is truly unique. Sort of an ALL for ONE and ONE for ALL approach. When working together we raise all boats. Marketing is about approaches and tools. Whatever your currently doing and using to identify and attract new contacts, The Marketers Co-op should be a highly treasured tool within your Marketing “Toolbox”.
 - gy2n December 11th, 2015

Bruce Bates has discovered numerous marketing avenues that could potentially help to increase your business reach. I would recommend checking out his offerings to see if they are a fit for your needs.
 - debsimpson December 8th, 2014

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