I really feel amused to see your commitment and passion in reaching out to help others succeed on Apsense, no matter whatever business they are involved in. Philippe, let your guidance continue to be an inspiration for all and I wish all your dreams come true.
 - moneytool February 26th, 2011

HI!! Phillip,everytime,when i saw you active in your work,The time i saw your revpages,articles,and the site you promoting,etc really its great!!Hope you can continue to helped others,share what you had now.Have a nice day! "thanks"
 - jasna38 February 15th, 2011

Really good profile,center and etc.Seen that you got yourself an e-book I think.Gotta check it out.Anyways...great apsense profile and it lets me know that your doing your thing.Keep up the good work.
 - simpleearnings February 13th, 2011

Phil, I am Impress. You have valuable information made simple and that is much appreciated. Best wishes and much success! Jose
 - palo25 February 12th, 2011

I congrats Philippe from your passion, your work. I hope you all succeed from Internet Marketing. There are very few marketers and coughers good, you're one of them. Thanks for all Nice to meet you, Eldes
 - eldesvarassi February 12th, 2011

Philippe I really admire you so much!! You have been a good friend and have tought me alot on Apsense and I thank you so much!.
 - julia43 February 7th, 2011

Philippe Moisan has become a genuine and respected marketing mentor, in my opinion. His desire to help others reach their online marketing goals is evident in everything he does. I am grateful to have an online relationship with him.
 - roosevans February 2nd, 2011

Philippes' articles are concise and up-to-date, with so many self proclaimed "experts" out there it is refreshing to find someone who knows what they are talking about and practises what they preach! Thanks Philippe.
 - golfsdailydeal February 1st, 2011

Phil is absolutely passionate about Apsense and committed to helping people make the most of it. I commend Phil to anybody looking for assistance here at Apsense and i suggest that you spend some time studyiong how Phil interacts at Apsense - an object lesson in social networking to us all
 - dp1hod January 31st, 2011

Philippe, you have truly earned my respect and admiration. You truly add REAL value to Apsense. Your hard work, devotion and passion here at Apsense is truly amazing. Another thing about you is that you are never boring, you always come up with very interesting topics, articles and ideas which have the ultimate result of adding more value to Apsense and making it a better place to be. Keep up the good work.
 - onlinebizteam January 26th, 2011

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