Philippe is a prolific writer and has written innumerable articles that has propelled and steered someone like me to always settle for nothing but excellence. Looking for a mentor in writing ... now you can have a one
 - transfix June 7th, 2011

Hi Philippe, Thank You for Your Consideration. I will Recommand Your Articles and Bulletins. I Find Many Usefull things there. Your Profile it`s a must-read. Have A nice Week-End Moraru jan
 - earnwithjan June 4th, 2011

Hello Philippe, is a pleasure to have you among my contacts, it is now so buffered that surfing the web trying to understand in order to grow to know me, many times I go wrong, many times I have been taken up and the few times someone said to me, well done. . now I have known Philippe Moisan and I realized, when I still need to learn from you. revPages your your articles are easily understood and easy to understand ... thanks I wish you all the best ....
 - clemente June 2nd, 2011

Very proactive and genuine person. So delighted to have him on my contact list :)
 - joylazarus June 1st, 2011

When I first became a member of APSense I had several people who assisted me with getting to know the site better and how to use it to enhance my online business presence. Philippe has provided me with tremendous support, advice and encouragement as I have begun to learn my around. He has assisted me with the finer details of getting it done right. He has also provided a whole host of instructional listings, blogs and more to help all the APSense members get more out of the site. I want to thank you Philippe for taking time out of your busy day to give me guidance and direction. You are an example to follow. I highly recommend that all members check out the materials that Philippe has put together, it will only help you grow in your business.
 - jgcdistributing May 31st, 2011

What I like about Phil is his well-determined pursuit to achieve his goals. Once he sees the potential in any opportunity, he spends time in understanding it in all its finer aspects and nuances. After that he markets the ideology whether you like it or not. It is his passion and focus on key elements that the way for success. I have found him to be willing to help others at any time and at the same time, he encourages and motivates others who approach him. His zeal, passion, drive, initiative, hard work and most important, his commitment to improving and taking things to higher platforms (at times, landing in controversies!) sets him apart. What I noticed personally is that if you follow him, you must be prepared to run like him, that is, if you want to succeed. Well, everybody may not like some of his projects but you cannot avoid appreciating his qualities. What ultimately remains is how much of those qualities you can imbibe.
 - kemengr May 29th, 2011

I just found the site, made a tour and I am very impressed by this site! It seems that I got another proof of the truth written in Wallace D. Wattles' "The Science Of Getting Rich". I just asked, and I received! Thank you Philipe! I guess your ApSense Project is a great idea and helps lots of people! Keep developing it, I am sure it IS for the benefit of all the community! Serban, Romania, ZENLA Project
 - sserbanro May 29th, 2011

Philippe has been one of the most helpful people I have met. I would personally recommend those not following him should do so. He is a treasure of information. Any questions I have had his answers have been quick and informative.
 - leo7128 May 28th, 2011

Philippe is a true professional, always willing to lend a helping hand. And he got a "crazy" humor too...So I dont feel alone in here. Thx for your good spirit and allways in a good mood. Respect from Norway Sig
 - sigske May 27th, 2011

I read your articles i like it. You are a great personality. You are a great person and a great friend. Thank you.
 - tayyab000 May 27th, 2011

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