Your Business Center and your Profile looks great that you inspire me that can help him to improve mine too. Your display and how is it all in order and related to each category listed your are doing a fantastic job. Keep up the good work.
 - summer1955 November 24th, 2010

Philippe continues to guide me step by step. I am working on my ABC site, I have made progress. Philippe gives me guidance on how to accomplish tasks in a concrete, yet compassionate manner. Many other members help me also and I will write testimonials as time goes on. I also likes Philippe's answer to an Apsense Ask. I quote his response. The unsolicited links I give in chat or PMs are for things I don't sell, and even then, I need to be confident that I have a good relationship with the person. And I certainly don't want to throw a link right at the beginning of a conversation. I vouch for his behavior Additionally we share a firm foundation with Christ.
 - alamoshopper November 11th, 2010

Moisan hope you have future success! You are definitely someone to network with.
 - mizzbiz October 31st, 2010

Phillipe, You have been a wonderful addition to APSense. Your integrity shows everyday along with your sense of humor. I can see you going far in whatever you wish to do.
 - pplcheryl63 October 27th, 2010

I have only recently come to know Philippe and his delightfully wicked sense of humour. He is very open, willing to ask questions and add to discussions. If you wonder about whether or not something can be done Philippe will often give it a go and come up with the goods.
 - nevdin October 27th, 2010

I've only known Philippe for a short time, but in that time I have come to like and respect him both as an honest and generous person and an ethical businessman. He is always open to other opinions and viewpoints, but also not afraid to say what he thinks. He treats other people with respect and kindness, and I am very glad to know him.
 - lulubel October 24th, 2010

Your profile is like your picture open, and warm. Especially endearing because I love DC comics also(lol)! Had my mom not thrown them away I would be rich right now with all the first editions I had. The Hulk, X-men, and some others! In all your posts you offer real value to the community! Helen Smith
 - luv2save October 22nd, 2010

Hi Philippe, Excellent profile - Philippe's get on with it work philosophy and his straight talking and imformative posts are what I admire most. I am looking forward to forming mutally profitable and rewarding exchanges with him
 - merlinsean October 20th, 2010

Philippe Moisan has gone the "extra step", "above and beyond" helping me as a member. Specifically, if I make a comment he keeps track and asks for status. Not only did he ask for status, he went to me profile, found the problem with my signature (I would have never seen it) and pointed it out. My signatures should now be corrected. I hope. I went and looked at his blog. It is chock full of information. I will be retweeting several of them. He truly sets an example to be followed as a leader at APSense. He is not the only one, just the one that jumps out at me this week. I appreciate his efforts and will be following his example to the best of my ability. Thank you Philippe P.S. I suppose I should have saved this for a mission, however, wanted to accomplish while fresh in my mind.
 - alamoshopper October 17th, 2010

"Internet Marketing from the Heart" its not just cosmetic blog name to pleased but he really mean it! Hi Guys! I known Philippe for some times now, he is friendly,easy approachable & down to earth guy. He is generous in sharing knowledge & his helping nature can make anyone comfortable to connect with him. Feel free to say 'Hello" to him if you need good soul on your network & friend list :)
 - arronram October 13th, 2010

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