Large Scale Frozen French Fries Production Line
Mar 3 2014 19:38
This is a large output production line to produce good quality frozen French fries. It has the advantages of high automation, simple operation and energy-saving. Frozen French fries can be kept longer than potato chips that are the reason why some noshery and restaurant like cafeteria, McDonald and KFC cook French fries to sell. This production line can process high quality frozen French fries that comply with health standards. And also we supply small scale frozen French fries line to meet your need.Features of Large Scale Frozen French Fries Line? Various choices. We supply 180kg/h, 300kg/h and 800 kg/h for customers.? Longer service life. Stainless steel to guarantee a longer service life for processing larger quantity of French fries.? High efficiency and energy saving. Excellent quality and Low oil consumption.? Easy operation and multifunctional usage. ? Comparative price and high rate of profitable return.

Small Scale Frozen French Fries Production Line
Mar 3 2014 19:37
Frozen French fries production line can produce both French fries and potato chips. This production line is multifunctional with unique effectiveness and remarkable efficiency. It is designed according to the feedback of customers. And also we have different capacity models for you: 100Kg/h, 200Kg/h and 400Kg/h. The final frozen French fries from this line is half-fried in order to keep a long live, and easy for store, transfer and further processing. The French fries are a kind of very popular snack food sold in the supermarket.Features of Frozen French Fries Production Line? Stainless steel, up to health standard, easy to clean.? Low oil consumption, high work efficiency, ? Save labor, energy and create more benefits.? Economical and practical, superior quality and competitive price.

Large Scale Potato Chips Production Line
Mar 3 2014 19:35
This production line is specially designed for processing potatoes into delicious potato chips, potato crisps or French fries. Apart from making potato chips and French fries, you could also make Frozen French fries (equipped with a freezer). The production capacities of our potato chips processing line are 60kg/h, 150kg/h and 300kg/h. It has some advantages such as, large capacity, large output, high degree of automatic, labor-saving and high return rate, etc. Features of the Potato Chips Line? Longer service life.                                   ? Low oil consumption. ? High efficiency and energy saving.           ? Easy operation and multifunctional usage. ? Excellent quality.                                       ? Comparative price and high rate of profitable return.

Small Scale Potato Chips Production Line
Mar 3 2014 19:34
This potato chips line is specially designed for small and medium scale potato chips manufacturers. We offer three different models 30 kg/h, 60 kg/h, and 150 kg/h for you. This potato chips line is lower in price and high efficiency, and it is your best choice for processing potato chips. You can easily change its cutters to making French fries. It is known to us all that potato chips business is the most-lasting business now and forever.Features of the Small Scale Potato Chips Line? Stainless steel, easy to operate, high productivity and high efficiency. ? Made of stainless steel, advanced technology, long service life.? The machines meet stringent international quality standards.? Very reasonable price for the equipment. ? Easily change cutter to make potato chips and French fries.

French Fries Packing Machine
Feb 28 2014 19:04
Brief Introduction of French Fries Packing MachineThe packing machine evacuates the air from the bag of French fries by its vacuum pump automatically, and fills in nitrogen at your option, in order to protect the French fries from being damaged by squeezing, and then seals it, forming a vacuum environment inside the bag, so that to isolate the oxygen, keep the French fries fresh, protecting it against damp, mildew, rust, corrosion, moth and pollution. The shelf life is effectively prolonged and itís more convenient to store and transport. Printing equipment can be fitted out according to customersí requirement, printing shelf life, date and factory number on the seal place. It can widely use nylon bag, PP, PC, PVC, HDPE, PS materials to pack potato chips, French fries and so on.Advantages of French Fries Packing Machine1. Advanced design, compact structure, elegant appearance, trustworthy performance, easy to maintain.2. Adopt high quality stainless steel, convenient to clean, anticorrosion and antirust.3. Double working rooms, easy to operate, large capacity, high efficiency and energy-saving.4. Automatic control packing process, adjustable evacuation time, heating time and heating temperature, meeting different packing requirement and packing materials. 5. Equipped with moving wheel of high bearing capability, the machine is easy to move.6. Customers need to equip with nitrogen filled bottle

French Fries Tunnel Instant Freezer
Feb 27 2014 20:54
Overview of French Fries Tunnel Instant Freezer The tunnel instant freezer could refrigerate the French fries to keep it fresh for long time storage. The frozen French fries keep the original taste and are crispier. It can make the temperature of the French fries to -18? within 20 minutes. You can frozen the French fries first and then pack them, also can pack them into bags and then frozen them.French fries Tunnel Instant Freezer Features1. Simple structure, small space coverage, easy for mounting and dismounting, no need for professional refrigeration personnel.2. High energy utilization rate, low consumption of energy, especially suitable for districts with electric shortage.3. Adopt environment friendly and high efficient compressor and refrigerant R404a, low noise.4. Convenient and fast material feeding and discharging, one person can complete the process in 5 seconds at most by rotating the gate, reducing the loss of cool air.5. Uniform cooling, excellent frozen effect.6. Flexible defrosting, convenient to maintain, reducing energy consumption and failure rate. 

French Fries Flavoring Machine
Feb 26 2014 19:30
Brief Introduction of French Fries Flavoring MachineThis French fries flavoring machine is professional flavoring and mixing equipment for fried food, used in the French fries/potato chips production line to add seasonings to the products. Designed according to the shapes of fried food, it can flavor the French fries evenly in short time. By using different seasoning, it could make different taste of French fries. We have two different types for your choice. Disc type flavoring machine is always used in the small scale potato chips line, and roller type is used in the large scale potato chips line. They can either be used alone or matched with production line.Advantages of French Fries Flavoring Machine1. Made of stainless steel, no rust, durable and long service life, easy to clean2. Convenient to operate, high capacity, time saving and energy saving.3. Stable performance, low noise, the French fries has no breakage.4. Evenly flavoring, automatic discharging.5. The diameter and length of drum can be customized.

French fries De-oiling Machine
Feb 26 2014 04:06
French Fries De-oiling Machine OverviewIn the French fries production line, after frying process, there will be much oil on the surface of French fries, which not only wastes the oil, but also influences the taste and healthy. The de-oiling machine adopts centrifugal principle to effectively remove the extra oil on the surface of French fries. After de-oiling, the French fries have beautiful appearance, crisp and appetizing taste without greasy, easy to store and pack. The oil collected could be recycled to reduce waste and increase profit.Features of French Fries De-oiling Machine1. Made of stainless steel, durable, hygiene and easy to clean.2. Fully-closed de-oiling environment, clean and healthy.3. High efficiency, low noise, energy saving.4. Automatic digital control, easy to operate. The operation time could be freely set between 90s-120s. 5. Automatic electromagnetic brake offers good brake performance. Brake on delay is usually set between 3s-5s.6. Frequency conversion adjusting speed.7. No shock during operation with shock absorber installed, extending working life and ensure a safety working environment.8. The heavy base makes it more stable.

French Fries Frying Machine
Feb 25 2014 02:11
French Fries Frying MachineBrief Introduction of French Fries Frying MachineThe French Fries Frying Machine adopts oil and water mixing technology which is best suitable for frying various style French fries especially and potato chips. The main consistence of this fryer are oil tank, electric cabinet, fan, water drainage valve, oil drainage valve, natural wind cooling mouth and some other components, these parts work independently and finish the frying process together very efficiently.The Features of French Fries Frying Machine1. Advance oil and water mixing technology taking features of different density of oil and water, the oil is in upper for frying food and water is at the bottom for absorbing the residues which are from the frying food.2. 50% Oil saving. The oil can be made most use, because the oil residues can be drained with water though the water drainage valve. 3. The automatic discharging device is quipped with the machine, which can make you automatically operation and save the labor cost.4. Easy to operate. The automatically bimetallic temperature controllers include oil temperature controller and water temperature controller, which give you a easy operation choice.5. 40% energy saving. The advanced and efficient heating system avoids energy loss and save your energy expenditure cost. 6. The stainless steel manufacture guarantees a longer service life and high sanitary condition.Working principle of oil& water frying machineThe temperature of oil and water can be set and controlled in a certain range by the natural wind cooling system and the automatic cold water cycling system so that the water will not boil and spill in the oil. The waste and residue produced during frying will deposit in the water and discharge out of the machine once the operation finishes so that the frying oil keeps clean and fresh without turning dark at all.

French Fries Dewatering Machine
Feb 24 2014 02:02
Brief Presentation of French Fries Dewatering MachineThe French Fries Dewatering Machine adopts centrifugal principle design to dehydrate the surface water of the French fries after washed and blanched, so as to make the French fries bright color. It is equipped with the shake absorber, electromagnetic braking and digital automatic control and mainly consists of whirling bucket, electric motor, shock absorber, electromagnetic brake, digital control system and other components. The machine is the most advanced dewatering machine for French fries factory and vegetable processing factory at the moment.The Advantages of French Fries Dewatering Machine1. Centrifugal principle guarantees the maximum dewatering degree.2. The digital automatically controllers make the operation easy and simple.3. Electromagnetic braking ensures a safe and energy saving working condition.4. The low working noise and low end products damage rate. 5. Reliable processing performance, large capacity, and low energy dissipation.6. Multifunctional application. Not only dewater French fries, but also dehydrate the potato chips, onion slice, carrot slice and other root vegetables slice.7. In addition to above mentioned models, we are also able to design, manufacture and provide the customized machine to meet your diversified needs.

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