• Large Scale Frozen French Fries Production Line
    This is a large output production line to produce good quality frozen French fries. It has the advantages of high automation, simple operation and energy-saving.
  • Small Scale Frozen French Fries Production Line
    Frozen French fries production line can produce both French fries and potato chips. This production line is multi-functional with unique effectiveness and remarkable efficiency. It is designed accordi
  • Large Scale Potato Chips Production Line
    This production line is specially designed for processing potatoes into delicious potato chips, potato crisps or French fries. Apart from making potato chips and French fries, you could also make Froz
  • Small Scale Potato Chips Production Line
    This potato chips line is specially designed for small and medium scale potato chips manufacturers. We offer three different models 30 kg/h, 60 kg/h, and 150 kg/h for you.
  • French Fries Packing Machine
    The packing machine evacuates the air from the bag of French fries by its vacuum pump automatically, and fills in nitrogen at your option,
  • French Fries Tunnel Instant Freezer
    The instant freezer is designed for refrigerating French fries to keep original taste and prevent bacteria growth, which is an energy saving, high working efficiency and multifunction machine
  • French Fries Flavoring Machine
    The flavoring machine adopts spray method, seasoning the French fries evenly, and is not easy to break. Disc type, octagonal type and roller type for your choice
  • French fries De-oiling Machine
    The French fries de-oiling machine adopts centrifugal principle to remove the French fries extra oil after frying. High automatic, with no shock during operation
  • French Fries Frying Machine
    The frying machine can increase the oil's using cycle, saving lots of cost. What's more, the exact oil temperature guarantees the good quality and taste of French fries.
  • French Fries Dewatering Machine
    The French Fries Dewatering Machine adopts centrifugal principle design to dehydrate the surface water of the French fries after washed and blanched, so as to make the French fries bright color.
  • Electric French Fries Blanching Machine
    This blanching machine can keep the French fries/potato chips fresh flavor and bright color. Generally applied to the French fries production line. also can apply to the potato chips line
  • Potato Cutting Machine
    This potato cutting machine is highly efficient for cutting potatoes into strips in the French fries production line. The strips are smooth and uniform with no breakage.
  • Brush Potato Washing and Peeling Machine
    Potato washing and peeling machine with brush rollers, generally used in potato chips production line. High quality, sanitary and durable.
  • Emery Potato Washing and Peeling Machine
    Potato peeling and washing machine adopts emery rubbing principle, and is made of stainless steel. The machine has the advantages of easy operation, high efficiency, high peeling rate and peeling clea