Electric French Fries Blanching Machine
Feb 20 2014 21:15
Introduction of French Fries Blanching MachineThe electrical blanching machine is used for blanching French fries and potato chips into bright color and keep fresh flavor to increase the softness, remove the microbes and inhibition active enzyme. The machine can especially apply to French fries production line, but also can apply to the potato chips line and other vegetable and fruit blanching procedure in food processing factory.The Properties of French Fries Blanching Machine 1. Keep the French fries bright color and fresh flavor.2. Large capacity and high efficient. 3. Longer service life and sanitary working condition. 4. Easy to operate. 5. Convenient to maintain. 6. Multifunctional usage. Besides French fries, you may also blanch the peanut, soybean, broad bean and other vegetable & fruit.7. Customized capacity models for your various choices.

Potato Cutting Machine
Feb 20 2014 03:58
Knowing about Potato Cutting MachineThis potato cutting machine is highly efficient for cutting potatoes into strips in the French fries production line. The strips are smooth and uniform with no breakage. You could adjust the thickness freely by increasing or decreasing the spacers between the blades. By replacing blades, you could also cut round or crinkle slice to make different shape of potato chips. This machine is also warmly welcomed by customers who want to process carrot, lotus and cucumber.Features of Potato Cutting Machine1. Novel design, compact structure, beautiful appearance.2. Small floor space, easy to move.3. Made by high quality stainless steel, hygiene, durable and easy to clean.4. Easy to operate and maintain.5. High capacity, high efficiency, labor saving and energy saving.6. Adopt centrifugal principle, low vibration, and long service life. 7. Multifunctional for various root vegetable, three shapes and different thickness for selection.

Brush Potato Washing and Peeling Machine
Feb 19 2014 21:14
Introduction of Brush Potato Washing and Peeling MachineBrush washing and peeling machine is designed according to the market demands, mainly used in large capacity potato chips/French fries production line. It can wash and peel round vegetables and fruits at the same time. The brush rollers are made of soft nylon material, which are durable for using; the other parts are made of stainless steel, so it has advantages of anti-rust and anti-corrosion. The whole machine is easy to operate, high efficiency, water-saving and long service life, which is the best choice equipment for washing and peeling potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots.Features of Brush Potato Washing and Peeling Machine1. Mainly composed of motor, speed changer, 8-15 brush rollers, etc.2. High rinsing efficiency and peeling ratio, no damage for the potatoes.3. Made of high quality stainless steel, sanitary and durable.4. Easy to move, labor-saving and easy to operate.5. The roller brushes are made of nylon, which has the function of peeling.6. The separated dirt and sediment are removed with circulation of water.

Emery Potato Washing and Peeling Machine
Feb 19 2014 03:08
Introduction of Potato Washing and Peeling MachinePotato peeling and washing machine adopts emery rubbing principle, and is made of stainless steel. The machine has the advantages of easy operation, high efficiency, high peeling rate and peeling clean, time & labor & energy-saving. It is widely used to clean and peel potato, carrot, sweet potato, kiwi fruit, and other root tuber type vegetables, which is the perfect machine for industrial and family Features of Potato Washing and Peeling Machine1. Adopt emery buffing principle, peeling and cleaning the potatoes thoroughly. 2. Equipped with fine-tuning system, easy to use, save time and effort, and also reduce the labor consumption.3. Made of stainless steel, long-life service, clean and sanitation, easy to operate and maintain.4. High peeling rate up to 98% or more. Save energy and time, high degree of automation.5. Low energy consumption, small volume, in light weight, beautiful shape.

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