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by Carol Jones Sr. SEO

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The best content type on all social media platforms is Video. If you plan to make use of video for your digital marketing strategy, you should also consider YouTube and build the video’s presence on YouTube. As all of you are aware that YouTube is the online video leader and at present, it is the second most-visited website across the world. It’s surprising that there are almost 1.9 million active users on this channel. It is the online second largest search engine, behind its parent company Google’s main app. There are many users who seek out videos to help them with any questions. Having said this, YouTube marketing is something that you should be thinking about for your business. To make the most of your YouTube performance, you should see that your videos are aligned with the search trends and are easily found when users look for related content. Digital Marketing Company guides businesses to come up with various SEO tips for YouTube that would help your business to flourish. To become widespread on YouTube, you need to work out with some tools. YouTube SEO tools will help you with optimizing your YouTube videos to increase the user’s search.

To increase YouTube SEO here are a few tools that work with it.

  1. Google Trends – YouTube optimization helps when the topic first interests the audience. YouTube-able content is seen in all sizes and shapes, you need to figure out the ways for it. This could be well attended by Google Trends as this tool includes YouTube searches. This tool ranks topics that people would have searched for on Google. It finds out traffic patterns over time and compares it with the popular search terms and allows you to tweak your headlines for SEO. To start with, think about your focus topic and type in, specify ‘YouTube Search’.  Take out a Geographical region, select a category, and time period for narrowing down the results. Add a topic to compare your focus topic to check the way they compare against each other. This tool also has many related queries for every topic and maps the audience's interest in various regions. You will also be able to download, share, and embed all the data if required. Google Trends helps you to compare the popular videos being searched on YouTube.  

  1. Google Ads Keyword Planner - Have you tried this tool to get your keyword ideas? Google Keyword Planner is an unrestricted tool provided by Google and can be utilized by anyone. Its main purpose is to exhibit to the advertisers the keywords to bid on for various advertising campaigns. It provides loads of keyword thoughts basis on your main keyword, filters, and search settings. 



Also, advertisers can choose the correct keywords by displaying an evaluation of the number of results, search volume, and difficulty level. This data can be utilized by blogger or content marketer to find keywords that have high search volume and high advertiser interest. Keyword Planner has the following benefits:

    1. Research for keywords

    2. Get traffic forecasts and historical statistics


  1. Rank Tracker – Rank Tracker is an essential tool for anyone who wishes to increase the number of views for their YouTube videos. It allows you to monitor the daily keyword rank of your videos on the search engine. Once you are done with the research on keyword, you can make use of YouTube autocomplete on the platform itself or by using Rank Tracker, a chosen keyword research and analysis tool. This tool lets you pull keywords ideas from YouTube’s suggestion and highlights dynamic metrics like expected visits, search volume, competition, and so on. Rank Tracker also helps you to execute a fast ranking check and gets the keywords that gain more video results in presented snippets. On executing this tool, note down the keywords that have the highest search volume and these would help you to get more rank in organic search.

  2. TubeBuddy – Video optimization is as essential as content optimization. TubeBuddy is an important research and planning tool which is a browser extension created for YouTube creators. This tool connects to your YouTube account directly and gives real-time suggestions on keywords, videos, and ranking. This would help you to improve your videos. It helps to save time, help in video optimization, and guides to engage with the audience. Also, you can achieve bulk updates on your videos like placing annotations or cards to your videos. It also helps to ease channel maintenance and things like titles, descriptions, annotations, tags, cards, etc. When this tool is integrated with YouTube, this tool would provide you with valued understandings on the YouTube videos that you see. 

  3. VidIQ – This is an important channel management toolkit that works like a browser extension and displays critical statistics for the YouTube videos that you see. It shows easy competitor research and advanced analytics for every video that you find. VidIQ tool’s feature ‘Most Viewed’ permits you to recognize and match YouTube’s top acting videos that match against each other. You can also add precise competitor channels and then compare those with yours. You can have your audit round the clock audit on hand and find out the practices that you should follow to increase your performance. You can also set up email signals to keep track on hit topics within your field. For improved outreach, make use of the Facebook syndication feature to share your video rapidly across platforms.

  4. YouTube Analytics – This tool is the best to identify your channel’s assets and frail points. Your YouTube presence is much dependent on the content that grabs the viewer’s attention, their retention in the video. This helps to maintain and cultivate your occurrence on YouTube. Longer videos perform better, and all YouTube algorithms are absorbed on watch time, hence have a look at the Watch Time and Realtime reports. This report will tell you the average view duration, percentage observed an audience holding. Be aware of your videos that contribute to more subscribers and new videos provide a more noteworthy benefit in YouTube search. YouTube SEO rank increases when more audiences subscribe, like, and comment on the videos.

  5. Awario – This tool is used to track and increase user engagement. User engagement is the top factor on YouTube. Hence, you need to retain an eye on the buzz that goes around your YouTube content. Awario is a social monitoring tool that fetches references of your video and keywords in an easy way. You need to enter your video’s URL to set an alert and you could collect the references that seem to be a ranking signal for Google already. If you require more specific queries, try a Boolean search. Include specific search operators, mix keyword groups, apply filters, etc. YouTube subscriber, likes, views, and comment counts a lot to increase the rank. It could be directly done from Awario’s dashboard and be sure that all the audience’s feedback is addressed. 

  1. Canva – This is a graphic design app, to help you to design using all sorts of visuals, whether it is a logo or mind map. To get a good YouTube SEO, you need to express your creativity through channel art and thumbnails that increase your click-through rates. You can pick up the templates that the app provides. Canva has a drag-and-drop interface with which you could make use of professionally designed layouts to customize them more. Using this tool, you can create unique and fascinating visuals.



There is no doubt that YouTube is a universal activity and a profitable work. Video optimization skills should be a part of every marketer. On mastering YouTube SEO, it proves to be very rewarding. Download the tools that best fit your process and see the difference that comes out your way.

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