Your Child Just Took a Softball to the Mouth – Time for Emergency Dental Care in San Antonio, TX

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You’re at your child’s weekend softball game. She’s been playing for years. You’re enjoying your chat with one of the other mothers when all of sudden it happens. Your daughter takes a ball to the mouth unexpectedly. For a split second, you just sit there and stare in shock. Then, you rush to field, stunned by the blood pouring out of her mouth. Her two front teeth were knocked out. It’s time for some emergency dental care in San Antonio, TX.


Immediate Attention


Even if you do get the wound to stop bleeding, which you will, your daughter still needs immediate attention. The dentist can take examine her mouth fully to ensure that only her two front teeth were damaged in the accident. X-rays will be taken to ensure her jaw remains in line and is okay, and the X-rays will also show if any other teeth were moved out of place upon impact. The dentist will visually inspect her mouth, as well, to make certain the rest of her teeth are okay.


He or she will also check for bite wounds. It’s possible that when the softball hit your daughter in the mouth, her jaw was forced shut and she her tongue or the insides of her cheeks. She may have also bitten her lip or sustained injury to her lips when the ball pushed them up against her front teeth. Emergency dental care in San Antonio, TX, will take the time to give your daughter a thorough once over. A ball to the mouth can cause a lot more damage than knocking out teeth.


Temporary-to-Permanent Solutions


Thankfully, aside from the two knocked out teeth, your daughter only suffered cuts to her lips. The cuts were not severe and the dentist does not need to stitch anything. He does however stop the bleeding from her gums where her teeth once were. She is ordered to go home and rest, with plenty of ice to reduce the swelling and pain. You schedule an appointment for the following day so the dentist can check the swelling and begin restorative measures, including a temporary bridge until the permanent one is made to your daughter’s bite.


You would be happy if your daughter never played softball again; she’s ready for next week’s game. She is resilient, that’s for certain! Thankfully, you have access to emergency dental care in San Antonio, TX. Your daughter’s smile and confidence will be restored in no time, and you’re just happy she isn’t bleeding anymore!

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