You know? Chocolate can kill a dog.

by Janne Abir Marketing
Feeding your dog chocolate can be dangerous and even fatal. Because in chocolate contains theobromine (Theobromine), the same group as caffeine. Thiobromine stimulates the release of a substance called adrenaline, which can cause your heart to beat faster and sweat too much.

Everyone likes to eat chocolate when it comes to chocolate, right? But if it is for the dog it is very dangerous. Because if we feed the dog too much Will adversely affect the dog With the habit of thinking about what we can eat Our dogs will eat. It makes most people not careful. Today we will settle that doubt.

Why shouldn't chocolate be fed to dogs, let's see.

Chocolate contains a substance called theobromine. (Theobromine), the same group as caffeine. (Which is in coffee, cocoa), when entering this body, it has many effects. But what is clearly seen is Will stimulate the release of a substance called adrenaline (Adrenaline), which will cause rapid heartbeat and sweating if the dog is fed large amounts. It can even be poisonous. This can cause vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, frequent urination, restlessness, and ultimately death. It has been reported that In dogs weighing less than 5 kg, just eating 400 mg may show toxicity. The dog is quite sensitive to bromine toxicity. This is because their bodies cannot clear theobromine from the body as quickly as other animals. As usual, the market chocolate If sweet, it contains about 1.5 milligrams Theobromine per cc, but if it's sugar free, it contains about 13 milligrams per cc, which is delicious, but very dangerous.

1. Consult your doctor

to evaluate the type of chocolate your dog eats. And How Much You will need information about chocolate and how much your dog has eaten. When talking on the phone with your veterinarian This information will allow them to give you the best advice. If the dog eats a small amount of chocolate It may be just diarrhea Or just stomach aches However, it's best to consult your vet. No matter how much your dog eats Since the results are unpredictable, in some cases your dog may have to stay in hospital. Using 24-hour hospital services is the best option.

2. Vomiting

Try to induce vomiting in your dog. To eat about 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide (3%) mixed with water at a 50:50 ratio, you are most likely to spill if you feed your baby with a spoon. The drug is administered orally by means of a syringe that is included in the first aid kit. Monitor and observe symptoms closely for about 15 minutes, take the child outside and monitor symptoms. Will help keep your dog moving Because it's a great place to make your dog vomit. Just don't give more than this. If half an hour has passed, the dog is still not vomiting. Don't let him take any more pills. Because if you give too much hydrogen peroxide it will be dangerous for our dogs.

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3. Try to use charcoal as a last resort.

Charcoal can help prevent the absorption of chocolate toxins in the intestines. The most common dosage is 1 gram of charcoal mixed with 5 ml (1 teaspoon) of water per 1 kg (2.2 lb) of dog's weight. The fact is to treat animals professionally under the supervision of a veterinarian. You don't want your dog to eat coal. If he is vomiting or has a seizure If the coal slips into his lungs May be fatal Feed your dog large amounts of charcoal without a gastrostomy tube It will be difficult You will also want to do this again and again. every four to six hours for a few days to notice a black stools. And can cause constipation

How are you? Still want your dog to eat chocolate? Once we know the reason for this, you should also be careful when offering chocolate-containing sweets. Because if we still think a little is okay, in the long run it could be the dog's aftermath. It's good to avoid letting the dog stay with us for the long term. It will be better than everyone else.

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