What is an environmental humidity meter? Overview of measuring equipment

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What is environmental measuring device? Overview of some environmental indicators and measuring equipment. A place to supply reputable and quality environmental measuring equipment.

Environmental measuring equipment are devices that are used in many fields of life. Environmental measuring equipment plays an important role in industries and also for human health. Today's article we will learn about this device as well as where it is reputable.

What is environmental measuring device?

Environmental measuring device is a device used to analyze and give results on environmental parameters such as pH, light, wind, noise, temperature, humidity, alcohol, sweetness, and salinity, turbidity, …… Based on the results of these environmental indicators, people have measures to control and adjust appropriately.

Environmental measuring equipment is often used in the aquaculture industry, mechanical industry, ... and many other fields.

Overview of measuring equipment and humidity

What is pH?
PH is the level of activity of H + ions in aqueous environment under the influence of an electrolyte constant. Most solutions that exist in liquid form have a specific pH, and pH affects the beneficial or harmful properties of the liquid.

PH measuring device
The pH can be determined by three methods: using purple anemone, using a pH meter, using the Test sera. In which, the method of determination that is commonly used and has the highest accuracy is the pH meter

There are 3 main types of pH meters: portable pH meter, pH meter and bench pH meter.
The light
What is light?
Light is understood to be electromagnetic radiation whose wavelengths lie in the spectral region, visible to the human eye. The light produced by the sun is called a sun or white light, which consists of many monochromatic lights that continuously vary from red to purple. Moon light is often called moonlight, the light that the sun shines on the moon and bounces off to human eyes. The light produced by lamps is called lamps and the light produced by animals is called biological light.

The highlight of light is that it is very fast.

Light helps people see everything around, generate electricity and sustain life on Earth.

Light measuring device
Light is measured with a light intensity meter. Light intensity meter is a device used to check the intensity of light with an external sensor so that users can measure individually or simultaneously measure multiple predefined reference values.

Light intensity meters help people quantify types of radiation such as ultraviolet radiation, UV radiation and other types of radiation present in the light to take appropriate deterrent measures. In industry, light intensity meter is used to monitor blue light with radiation in welding, graphic arts,… or used to maintain inks, glazing, and coatings.

Definition of wind

Wind is understood as the airflow moves in a large scale, moving from a place with high pressure to a place with low pressure.

Device for measuring wind speed

Wind speed is measured with a wind speedometer. Wind speed gauges are compact electronic devices used to measure wind speed, pressure, flow rate or temperature. The wind speed meter is also known as an instrumentation.

Wind speed meter helps to measure average air temperature, speed, simulate wind response, ... help get accurate information about wind speed, wind pressure and wind flow. These parameters are intended to serve meteorological stations in forecasting weather.

What is noise level?

Noise is the invalid sound emanating from surrounding devices, activities and events that do not match the wishes of the listener. For example, the sound emitted from factories, vehicles, household appliances such as washing machines, dryers, vacuum cleaners, ...

Noise measuring device

Noise is measured with a noise meter. The noise meter is used to measure noise in loud noisy environments such as theater, bars, ... to take measures to improve and protect human health.

What is humidity?

Humidity is understood as a physical quantity to determine the amount of water vapor in grams in a unit volume, also known as the amount of water vapor in the air. On the other hand, humidity is also considered a measure to determine the possibility of rain or precipitation or foggy weather.

Humidity is a physical quantity that determines the amount of water vapor in grams in a given volume unit, also known as the amount of water vapor in the air. Humidity is a measure that shows the ability of weather to rain or rain or fog.

Humidity measuring device

Humidity is measured with a hygrometer. A hygrometer is a widely used tool in the industry to detect moisture in a material.

Potential problems and damage to the structure can be identified based on the moisture meter.

What is the temperature?

Temperature is a physical quantity characteristic of the heat and cold of an object in a selected reference system.

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