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The beginner yoga class was designed to target every area of the body, and offers cues and modifications specifically to yoga. Yoga has helped many people with back pain, neck pain, depression, anxiety and many other issues. This beginner level yoga routine is perfect for anyone trying to open up, and deepen their flexibility and stretch to their limits. This will gentle and energizing poses that are great before a workout, after vigorous exercising, or as a gentle stretch and way to give a gift to your body! 

Yoga poses for beginners

1) Sun salutations

Sun Salutations Pose FITPASS

Sun salutation is very beneficial beginners. 2`4 sun salutation poses, with a speed of 4 rounds in 1 minute provides great benefits. It tones all muscles and stretches all internal organs increasing blood and oxygen supply to these parts.

2) Boat pose


Perform boat pose to strengthen your abdominal area hip flexor, tone muscles in your midsection, improve digestion, and relieve stress. You can use a yoga strap to aid you in holding the pose longer or if you cannot keep your legs straight.

3) Eagle pose
Eagle Pose FITPASS
This pose will strengthen the legs, knees, and ankles. It stretches and tones muscles of the leg and can help relieve leg cramps and helps in treating weight management.

4) Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose FITPASS

The Mountain Yoga Pose promotes stillness, strength, relaxed power and immovable stability associated with mountains. This yoga posture and coming back to the stillness after other poses is one of the ways of becoming acquainted with stillness.

5) Warrior Pose

Warrior Pose FITPASS
The warrior pose improves balance and agility and strengthens your legs, back and arms. It also targets the chest, shoulder, neck and abdominal area.

6) Corpse Pose

Corpse Pose FITPASS

This pose is the final stage in a yoga session. It relaxes and refreshes the body and mind. To come into this posture lie on your back, arms by your sides, you are facing up. Breathe deeply and slowly through the nostrils until the pose is completed. Your leg should be straight and together, with your feet rolled out to the sides. Tilt your forehead slightly higher than your chin. Let your body completely relax. Clear your mind of all stress, tension, and worries. Hold the pose for 10 minutes, then release.

People who are in beginning level often feel disconnected from their bodies.  Yoga helps bring the mind-body connection to the force which can improve self-image and acceptance of your body. Most importantly it can help you feel better, improving both your physical fitness and elevating your mood. Regularly practicing yoga brings balance in your body, reduces obesity and promotes physical and mental peace.

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