Worthy investments you should make when moving into a new home

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Moving up is both a dream came true and a necessity for many. However, many houses on the market, not only cost a fortune, but many must bring some investments to their new properties in order to reach the level of comfort necessary for a family. On the other hand, some investments are simply not worth the money. Therefore, discerning between good and bad investments when it comes to houses is indeed a difficult task. Before jumping to conclusions, you must know that some investments are not only worthy, they are necessary. Finding a company specialised in insulation in Toronto might be more useful than finding a home with an enormous bathroom. After all, all those beautiful (and many) tiles will get dirty and you will have to clean them well. Also, a large bathroom won’t decrease your utility bills, like a great insulation would. Let’s see what great investments you should make for a comfortable and budget friendly home.

Insulate your new property

When it comes to insulation, this issue goes far deeper than installing a new product in a home. It is about saving great amounts of money on long-term perspectives and maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor living environment. A great insulation system will help the homeowner to decrease the amount of money spent on utility bills. Insulation acts like a protective layer for your home and prevents heat exchange from taking place. This way, once you provide enough heat for a room, the temperature will preserve for longer intervals because of the insulation your home has. Thus, energy consumption will significantly decrease. However, there are some essential areas in a home where to insulate:

·         Attics: the way in which your attic is insulated plays a great role in the energy consumption levels in your home. The heat exchange will also differ if an attic is insulated on not.

·         Walls: for the simple reason that your houses’ walls are the barrier with the outdoor environment, insulating those using great products makes a worthy investment.

·         Floors: insulating floors matters because cool or hot air can easily infiltrate in little crevasses on them and affect the indoor temperature.

Also, by insulating your new home not only helps you save plenty of money, but it will also increase its market value. This is a great thing, because you might want to once again move up in the future.

Renovate your kitchen

The kitchen is the second most important aspect of a home. It will increase your property’s market value as well as the comfort experienced by your entire family. Of course, purchasing a home with a great kitchen costs greatly. Instead, buy a home with a modest kitchen and renovate it accordingly with your preferences. This is a great investment, since it will offer you the opportunity of maintaining always a clean and tidy space. Modern cabinetry will surely increase the property’s market value, while it will contribute to enlarging the available storage space. Custom cabinetry will allow you to incorporate all your kitchen appliances beautifully in your new space. Also, investing in elements such as skylights will help you to make great economy, since they allow you to profit from natural light more hours in a day. Also, a kitchen remodel might be necessary if you simply notice that the existing one is starting to fall apart.  

Replace linoleum with hardwood flooring

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a home with existing hardwood floor, then invest in one with linoleum flooring and replace it. Remodelling with linoleum, however, is difficult. Thus, unless the product you already have on your floor is perfectly flat, remove it completely. Make sure to collaborate with a professional team, otherwise you are very likely to end up with a poor quality final product. However, make sure to include in your floor replacement project floor insulation, to benefit from the great advantages offered by it. Floor insulation reduces the chances of moisture to appear, thus, moisture related issues in your home. Moreover, don’t be surprised if you discover mould under the old linoleum. It’s a normal occurrence in the case of houses without insulated floors.

These are three of relevant home improvements you could make to your new acquisition for increasing its market value, as well as for assuring a comfortable living environment for all your family members. Make sure to insulate your house, especially, because this comes with enormous energy saving benefits. 

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