8 traditional marketing tactics that still work

by Groshan Fabiola I try to cover as many topics as I can

One of the primary objectives of your business probably is to reach out to a wider audience. Gaining exposure in a competitive market can be challenging, that’s why you need to put together an extensive marketing plan, one that will allow you to gain exposure and recognition and attract a wider clientele range.

Being present online, implementing an email marketing campaign, using social media ads – all of these actions might appeal to you at the moment, considering every business is using these digital strategies. However, offline marketing can provide you with great outcomes as well. Often neglected, some traditional marketing tactics can contribute to your success more than you would expect.

Which exactly are the offline marketing strategies that are still promising during the digital age?


Whether it’s somewhere in the city centre, or on a highway with a lot of traffic, hanging a billboard in a strategic spot can bring you a lot of publicity. It doesn’t matter if you want to use hand-painted images or printed ones, as long as you choose some representative, it will be impossible not to catch the eye of passer-by’s.

Visuals are known to have quite a powerful effect in driving interest, and considering the dimensions of regular billboards, they are less likely to go unnoticed. Your brand can easily get a bit of local exposure using this particular marketing tactic. Although this type of strategy does demand a financial investment from your part, returns will certainly be obtained.


Signage will not go obsolete anytime soon. This is an old-school marketing trick that all brands are still using, regardless of how small or big a company actually is. You can adorn a shop front with it, you can place it in a mall or on building walls, a business sign can work great in raising awareness wherever you choose to hang it. Someone seeing an interesting sign somewhere will likely end up looking up the said business to learn more about it. Through signage, you can also offer prospective customers insights on where exactly your business is situated.

Event marketing

Attending industry events can help you spread the word out about a product or a service to people who are actually interested in what you have to offer. When it comes to effective marketing, what you have to focus on is generating buzz, and at an important local event you will be able to do that. However, being a simple participant won’t be enough. You need to get your hands on visually-appealing exhibition stands and popup banners – these materials will help you persuade event attendees to approach you and ask questions about your business and what it does.

Event attendance can do even more than attracting new customers or clients. These gatherings provide you with the ideal environment for networking. You can meet influential people from your industry and establish professional connections that may come of use at some point. From small local fairs to large trade shows, you have plenty of event types accessible, so join in whenever you have the opportunity – it will be highly effective in generating awareness around your brand.

Direct mail

Email marketing seems to be the preferred alternative nowadays. All businesses are relying on emails to turn leads into customers, but this means consumers might have gotten tired of receiving promotional messages in their email inbox. You can adopt an old-school approach instead and switch from email to direct mail marketing.

If the materials you send are personalized and you use creativity in your campaign, recipients will actually look over them and might actually respond in a positive way. Brand recall is usually higher with direct mail than it is with email marketing, so even if not all recipients will respond or make a purchase after this campaign, they will still remember your brand. 

Brochures and flyers

Old-fashioned hand-outs are still powerful in 2019. Because they rely on face-to-face interactions, brochures and flyers can work quite well in generating buzz and boosting brand recognition. With everything happening online nowadays, people have started to become more responsive to old-school promotional materials. A discount or a promotional flyer can turn a simpler passer-by into an actual customer. 


Is cold-calling still something that works? Well, it seems like telemarketing remains a preferred option for businesses, especially for companies interested in B2B advertising. Implementing proper call answering services can help you build a strong reputation in the industry.

Promotional gifts

Personalized mugs, pens, tote bags – it doesn’t matter what you choose to give away, as long as it’s a gift, your target audience will appreciate it and take an interest in your brand. Businesses, small or large, can all benefit from this marketing tactic. Personalizing objects with the logo of your company and handing them out at events or via direct mail will help you put your business in a good light. It’s an effective way to make people remember the name of your brand.  

Broadcast media

An ad on TV or one running on a popular radio show can go a long way here. Broadcast media advertising can effectively allow businesses to reach out to specific demographics. If your targeted group doesn’t spend that much time on social media, or on the Internet, they might be listening to radio shows or watching TV and a great commercial will help you catch their interest.

In these tech-dominated times, you could be tempted to rely solely on digital strategies for business marketing and advertising, neglecting the relevance traditional tactics still have till this day. For a business that wants local exposure, the options highlighted here can work remarkably well in boost visibility in the market and increasing success. Each one of these traditional marketing approaches will provide you with impressive results, as long as you handle things by the book. Moreover, some of them are affordable and easy to implement, which makes things even more convenience. Digital marketing has its essential role, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook the power of online marketing. 

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