Wisdom tooth Removal in Bhopal

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Wisdom tooth Removal in Bhopal

If you are looking for painless Third Molar or Wisdom Tooth extraction/ Removal then our dental clinic offers the best solutions for you problem

Dental surgeries such as third molar ( wisdom tooth ) extraction or removal,  cyst removal, major or minor trauma surgeries if not done right can prove to be problematic in the long run. Provision of even the highest levels of dental surgery is available at our dental clinic in Bhopal along with the latest machinery required for such procedures. Wisdom tooth Removal in Bhopal


Extraction or removal of tooth is not a recommended treatment practice now a days until there is no other option available. If a tooth is damaged to a level, where it cannot be saved by any means we at our center obviously go ahead with its extraction. Wisdom tooth Removal in Bhopal

Tooth extraction is a minor outpatient non-surgical or surgical procedure performed at our center by an expert. Our experts are specialized are specialized in pain management and make sure you feel comfortable during the entire procedure by using latest painless injection techniques.

Also, we have full orientation towards any medical or dental emergencies during treatment. The very initial one we avoid by taking complete medical history and testing Local Anesthetic allergy before starting the procedure. Wisdom tooth Removal in Bhopal

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Non-Impacted or Impacted wisdom tooth – wisdom teeth actually do not perform function of chewing of food so they may need to be removed if they are infected, decayed, causing pain/food lodgement or damaging adjacent teeth, until they are a strategic teeth in other treatment plan.

Impacted WISDOM TOOTH or THIRD MOLAR EXTRACTION is performed by an expert oral surgeon only at our centre to avoid any complications.

Usually wisdom teeth are “impacted” when there is not enough space for them to grow into the jaw in a normal position or when they erupt at an angle or in an unexpected location.

Impacted wisdom teeth are trapped in your jaw or under your gums causing pain, swelling and an infection called pericoronitis. Because of their position in the mouth, they are often difficult to clean and you constantly get food around around them leading to their decay. We would like you to embrace the painless extraction procedure so that you would not need to search for any other Dental Clinic in Bhopal. Wisdom tooth Removal in Bhopal

Dental surgery Faq's

1. Will surgeries be performed on the day of the first visit?

This entirely depends on the condition of your teeth and the surgery it requires. But yes, certain procedures can and will be carried out if possible, on the first visit itself.

2. Does dental surgery cause pain?

Since we use painless procedures for all our surgeries there will be absolutely no pain during the process. After the sedatives wear off there may be mild pain in the gums for which we will prescribe medication.

3. Will lip or tongue piercings pose a problem to dental surgeries?

No, piercings or other body modifications in the mouth regions does not pose a problem however you will be required to take them off during the surgery.

4. Is it normal to have bad breath after dental surgeries?

Yes. This may be due to food particles getting stuck in the newly made crevices. Visit our clinic for a thorough cleaning and the problem should be solved.

5. What if pain does not reduce even after the surgery?

In case the pain lasts beyond a couple of days after the surgery it may sign of an infection. We suggest a speedy visit to the clinic.

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