Wine Storage Solutions – How to Start a Home Collection?

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Storing wines is never easy because you have to maintain the right temperature and humidity levels. Getting assistance from experts helps you get wine storage solutions for starting your collection confidently. They also assist you in organising the racks and lots of other things.

For preserving the flavours and aromas of wines, the storage unit plays a big role. First-time wine collectors always look for reliable wine storage solutions to keep the collection safe.

Are you looking for the best way to store them? Start with the construction of a cellar. It often takes time, money, as well as effort. Rather than employing DIY methods, you are advised to hire a contractor to build a storage unit. The knowledge of professionals lets you create a stunning room to start your collection.

Some of the Important Factors to Be Considered for Wine Storage

• Light

If your collection gets exposed to direct sunlight or artificial lights, there is a greater chance of wine spoilage. For looking at the bottles inside the cellar, the installation of low-heat lights is always recommended. To avoid fluctuation of the storage condition, you must turn on the lights only when you are in need of wines.

• Humidity

Whether it is low or high humidity, you can find it difficult to keep the cork in properly moisturised condition. To prevent crack development or formation of mould on the cork surface, you have to maintain the optimal level of humidity. According to experts, the humidity level within the range of 50 to 70 per cent is the ideal one.

• Temperature

Sudden fluctuation in the temperature is harmful for wine collection. For preserving the quality of wines, the temperature range should be maintained between 55oF and 65oF. If the storage temperature becomes too low, it can freeze as well as damage bottles. In case the temperature is too high, it could lead to premature spoilage of wines.

• Vibration

Vibration can affect the quality of wines. Sudden movements or loud sounds can stir the sediments present in your favourite drinks. If this thing continues to happen, your collection might become less aromatic or too sweet. For protecting your wines from these factors, the installation of vibration reducers is the ideal choice.

How to Store Wines on the Racks?

Organising the racks is one of the primary things that help you store bottles for many years to come. Irrespective of the type of drinks you purchase, it is important to organise them. The most ideal method is laying each bottle horizontally with the cork in the front end. This type of arrangement helps in balancing the moisture content with which the cork remains moisturised.

Suppose you prefer storing bottles in another way such as upright position, there is a possibility of dryness of the cork. This is undesirable because the dryness could lead to small crack development on its surface to pass on air inside the bottle and ruin wines.

Is There Any Other Option for Wine Storage?

Rather than building a cellar, you can consider the kitchen refrigerator for instant storage. After a whole night party, you can store the left out bottles for the next two days.

For a long-term solution, buying wine refrigerators is appreciable. It is the ideal storage unit when you want to preserve a limited number of drinks including beer bottles. Did you know? You can find a portable wine refrigerator or cooler. If you want to carry your favourite drinks to the upcoming tour, this type of storage unit is the most suited one.

However, a cellar is the finest solution when you want to display your collection. As per your storage requirements, you can decide on the ideal size of the cellar. The design is one of the primary elements that attract the viewers such as your friends and other guests.

Bottom Line

Investing in building a wine room is always going to be the ideal way of storing your favourite drinks for long periods. It offers one of the finest wine storage solutions with which you could easily go for the aging process. In other words, storing drinks inside a cellar lets you preserve them for years to come. Now, you could enjoy the divine taste of matured wines. To make things practical, you have to keep a check on the stooge condition from time to time.

So, make sure that you hire a professional builder for constructing a cellar and follow this guide to store your favourite drinks in good condition all the time. Hurry up!

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The author has a whopping knowledge of designing residential wine storage rooms. His hobby is playing golf. Keep visiting here to read his posts to learn about wine storage solutions and other interesting facts.

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