The New Improved Series of Industrial DC DC Converter

by Isabel Blamey Professional writer
The DC DC converters are widely used in most portable devices as well as heavy industry devices. It can efficiently generate different voltages for different systems. In this article, I am going to discuss the new series of this converter and its benefits. In the last part, I will discuss the isolated and non-isolated DC converter. 

All applications need high reliability and long-term power supply, especially the industrial equipment. The demand for this equipment is recently increasing as customers can fulfill their demand with this. The DC DC converter (which is also known as linear converter or switching regulator) enables the reduction of the power supply. It takes less space on placing in the electrical equipment. On the other hand, it controls the power supply and provides the reliability of the components of the converter. You can control the reduction of the high and low power supply by increasing or reducing the voltage of the converter.

• New series of the linear converter:

The newest automotive industrial DC DC converter has new features and new components with a high-frequency power source. It can control the reduction of the instant power supply. It can reduce the loss of power supply. The new series of this device can convert DC voltage very quickly. Apart from the industrial and railway applications, it is designed for many medical applications.

The new series is available with single, dual and multiple outputs and can operate different input ranges. The converters can operate 12 V to 48V inputs. It has an operating efficiency of 89% and can operate in ambient temperature from -40 to 105C. This makes the series suitable for battery-powered applications. The new series of railway DC DC converters for power supply has the function of remote on or off features. The new series of this converter has the feature of high voltage DC input and it is used with high voltage DC applications. Some series of this converter has high voltage input that operates from a high voltage DC current.

All of the series operate full load of the temperature range of -40 to +100 C that is suitable for railway applications. It has different features, such as remote on/off, overvoltage and overcurrent protection. All models have input and output isolation.

• Benefits of using DC DC converter:

The DC power uses in electronic industrial equipment and it consists of 24V high power output. It has a number of lower power and lower voltages. The applications which require low power that means 300W or less has a standard multiple output power supply. It has different versions such as dual, triple and quad and it can be purchased at cost-effective prices.

For high power requirements, you need a power supply from 350 to 1500W. These power supplies are available in the Australian market. It has a wide range of outputs that have non-standard voltages. It is made to one package with fan cooling feature. You can use a single output high power unit for isolated and high-efficient industrial DC DC converter to supply the other voltages. You can also purchase single, dual and triple output converters which can also be purchased. Being a high power voltage converter it can place in the heavyweight applications. Its power levels are greater than 100W and can be difficult to manage.

• Isolated and non-isolated linear converter:

The computer and communications industries initially use isolated converters which require lower voltages at higher currents. Now the use of non-isolated DC converter is common in any industry. These devices provide wide-range adjustable voltages and are designed to operate from input voltages.

The non-isolated DC converters series have been launched in the industrial market. It has the feature of wide-range input voltages and this converter is capable of adjusting the outputs. There is a fundamental difference of isolated and non-isolated converter. Both of these converters can be operated at high frequencies. In recent times, the overall size of the converter is reduced not only by the absence if bulky component but it minimizes the heat. The linear converter enables the operating efficiencies which can operate different voltages. This converter can be available in multiple sizes. However, among all these, the most usable converter is the one which comes with the industry standard.

Bottom Line:
The switching regulator uses in various applications, especially in the heavy applications. It can be used to produce an efficient conversion of power. Using of this converter can operate unregulated voltage, low voltage, and low current density along with unstable power. This converter has this capacitor to external supplies of power.

Author’s Bio:
Ram Chandru is today’s famous blogger in Australia. He is a sucker of electronic products such as industrial DC DC converter. He never writes anything, especially writes blogs on railway DC DC converters without doing any research.

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