Windows 10 Failed to Start? Here is What to Do

by Jackson Henry Woner

We have all been there when we start our PC only to find out that the system has crashed and won’t boot to the desktop. It feels all the more dreadful when you already have so many targets to achieve, which you can’t with a Windows that is unable to boot itself.  Well, the good thing here is that you won’t have to bid goodbye to your PC because of this error. Windows 10 Not Opening is a common error and is easily fixable in most cases. So, here is a list of some of the easy solutions in case your Windows 10 is not starting up.

It Could Possibly Be a Monitor Issue

The easiest sign to catch that indicates it’s your monitor causing the error is the Windows jingle that plays when you switch on your desktop. If you hear the Windows jingle play after the system boots, but no picture comes up, it’s straight forward directing to a fault in your monitor. In case you haven’t set up the intro jingle feature, then you have to work harder to recognize the cause. To check this, switch on your PC, and try pressing Win + P twice or thrice, to see if the picture comes on. If it doesn’t, then move on to the next solution.

Check Your Motherboard Connections

Any hardware malfunctions can lead to a blank screen. So it’s worth a try to take a look at the motherboard of your machine. Once you get to the motherboard of your PC, then check for any loose wire connections and if all the hardware is slotted in as it should be. You should give a thorough check to the main components, including the RAM, OS hard drive, and PCI-E card.

Repair Windows 10 Startup

Luckily, Windows 10 has a built-in startup repair tool to scan and repair damaged or missing startup system files. To access this tool, you will need to prepare a recovery media using a disc or flash drive and insert it in your PC to reboot it. This action will take you straight to the recovery drive; here, click “Next” followed by ” Repair your computer” on the Windows Setup screen. Boot options will appear, here you can troubleshoot a lot of your Windows problems.

To do so, navigate to “Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Repair”. Now, the Windows will restart to scan your PC for any fixable system files. Even if it finds a problem, the system will fix it automatically for you.

Windows Boot Record Errors

Most of the problems related to Windows not starting are caused by Boot Record errors. While these are difficult to get rid of but fortunately, you can fix these errors using some of the Command prompt commands. All you need is a lot of time in your hand if you are planning to use this solution. 

Use Safe Mode to Solve the Problem

The first thing to do upon encountering an inoperable OS is to access the Safe Mode. Safe Mode provides quick answers to a lot of questions, plus makes it easier to solve them. Safe Mode uses minimum drivers and the necessary startup system files. This means any faulty file, program, or driver won’t load in the first place, making it easier for you to identify and solve the problem.

To access the Safe Mode, first, you will need to access Boot options. Press the F8 key repeatedly while Windows starts to load the Boot options. Once, the Boot options appear, open “Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart.” Once the screen comes on, press the numeric key 4 to choose Safe Mode from the list. This action will open the Safe Mode for you from where you can easily troubleshoot your Windows problem.

Reset Your PC

If nothing helps you, reinstall Windows 10 as a last resort. The process of re-installing Windows 10 is easy but the idea of losing all the data with Windows is not. So, to keep up the hopes of saving your data, you can try an option. Boot Windows 10 using a recovery disc (mentioned above), and select “Troubleshoot > Reset this PC > Keep my files”. This should most likely backup and save all your files, documents, pictures, and so on stored under the profiles in Windows 10. This action won’t save third-party programs, games, and so on. We hope that you are inside your Windows using this article and currently referring it to a friend.

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