Window Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

by Blair Nicole PR, Marketing
Window cleaning and maintenance are essential parts of home ownership. Proper care is important to make sure that the windows are at their topmost condition.Keeping them in good condition will not only enhance the home’s appearance but also helps in saving energy and reduces replacement costs. Windows are as important as any other parts of the house. It plays a vital role in keeping the homeowner safe against harsh weather conditions, dirt and more. However, over time, these elements can take a toll on the windows. Nevertheless, regular maintenance and proper care can help minimize the damage.

Get regular inspection

Regular inspection extends the life and prevents future damage to the windows. Carefully check the windows from inside out for at least twice a month. The inspection should include the frames, sashes, sills, putty, paint, gaps, sealants, strips, fit and operation. Sashes and frames are susceptible to swelling or shrinking depending on use and exposure. Also inspect for signs of rot as this suggests moisture infiltration.

Regular cleaning

To avoid dirt buildup, clean the windows regularly with a damp cloth. Also, wipe the wall around the window to keep it dust-free. For aluminum and vinyl frames, use a cloth soak in soapy warm water. Avoid using excessive water while cleaning the windows as this may lead to rotting and damage.

Repair and replace seal

The sealing on the windows play a crucial part in the home’s energy costs. Making sure that it is in good condition helps save energy costs. Check for any damaged or worn out seal and immediately replace them. Damaged seal can create gaps between the wall and the window frames. These gaps can cause the warm air from the house to leak out, increasing heating costs during cold season and cooling costs during warm season.

Repaint the frames

Repainting the window frames helps protect the windows and keeps their appearance. It helps prevent the windows for rotting due to harsh weather exposure. Also, keeping their appearance at its utmost condition will add value to the house. Experts recommend repainting the window frames at least every 3 or 4 years.

Repair damages

Experts recommend fixing holes, breaks, cracks and splinters as soon as they are noticed in the window frames. Delaying the repair could only lead to further damages. Any issue that is left unaddressed will worsen over time. 

Windows come in various types and require different ways of maintenance. However, if the windows are already beyond repairing and repainting, they may require a replacement. If this is the case, make sure to choose the ones that will not only compliment your home but also adds savings to your budget. The is a leading window replacement company in the market today. They offer various window lines to choose from with the highest quality and functionality. Get a free estimate now and take advantage of their limited time offer. Be one of those who made the right choice and thank yourself in the future for a decision that is worth investing for.

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