Why you Should Choose Whole Foods and Organic Vitamins

by Alice Smith Professional Writer
According to current farming trends, the soil is depleted at a much faster rate than it can replenish itself. Farmers add pesticides and fertilizers which in turn harm the produce, making our food less nutritious and nutritionally dense. That’s why organic and sustainable farming is much more required these days.

In such situations, our body needs to fill the gaps with vitamins or else we develop various diseases and deficiencies. People tend to buy cheap vitamins which are easily available in stores which may not be naturally produced instead manufactured in labs.

However, some manufacturers are trying to produce whole foods and organic vitamins from non-GMO organic whole foods.  The organic fruits and vegetables which are not genetically modified produce the best wholefoods multivitamin. You can identify the same by checking the label and packaging of multivitamin products. 

Organic whole food Vitamin versus Synthetic Vitamin

The synthetic vitamins are not recognizable to the body and often difficult to absorb as well. These are not what we find in natural foods and can be harmful to our kidneys.

On the other hand, whole food vitamins are made from the concentrate of fruits and vegetables which are natural vitamins for our body. They are easily absorbed by our bodies.

Advantages of using organic and whole food vitamins

  1. Organic vitamins contain trace minerals - The organic vitamins obtained from food contains various minerals, protein, enzymes, and other nutrients to help the body utilize them.  Synthetic or clinically made vitamins do not contain any of these essential nutrients or minerals.
  2. Organic Vitamins are non-toxic - Organic vitamins contain fatty acid which is required by the body to absorb vitamins properly and excrete and excess vitamins from the body. Synthetic vitamins do not contain these fatty acids and hence are not able to process the vitamins properly in our bodies. This results in storing excess vitamins in the liver which becomes toxic for the body. In such cases, our body needs enough food that contains minerals, enzymes, and nutrients to process these vitamins.
  3. Organic Vitamins can be easily excreted - The organic vitamins are used by the body and excreted if taken in excess which results in proper metabolism of the body. In other cases, synthetic vitamins are loaded with a higher concentration of chemicals which can’t be excreted easily and get stored in the liver.  This process is not natural and becomes harmful to our bodies in the long term.

Also, according to research, it is proved that the whole foods diet can promote cardiovascular health as well as improve the BMI and cholesterol levels. 

Hence, you should always prefer organic and whole-food multivitamins while choosing from the various options available. This is more important when you are going to take supplements daily. 

We at Green Organic Supplements offer you the best vitamins made with organic, wild-crafted and natural ingredients. Our customers can feel the noticeable health benefits from our vitamins. The body feels more healthy and vital when you use organic products.

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