Why we love fitness and you should too

by Tom Jager blogger

One cannot become fit and sporty overnight. It requires dedication and hard work. The body aches and screams for you to stop. Why bother at all?

Yet, thousands of people go to the gym every day or at least several times a week. They love it and can’t imagine their life without it. How can they experience that ache over and over again, right? What is their motivation to work so hard?

Fitness makes life easier

Exercise increases physical capabilities. A fit person is a stronger person who is more capable of doing some intense exercise. Need to rearrange the furniture? Lift something? No problem, just give me everything!

Proper training follows the law of progressive overload, which implies that you need to enhance your capabilities by increasing workload each time your exercise. Respect this law and you will become stronger, said Brian fromWrite My Essay

Fitness increases happiness

Everyone feels awesome after the workout. Instantly. It is a known fact that physical exercise increases the release of feel-good hormones, the impact of which can be compared with cocaine.

Exercise is also an effective method of battling depression because of this very reason. The brain focuses on other things and receives a load of happiness hormones, no pills and therapies are needed.

Fitness improves sleep

People often have difficulties falling asleep when their body has too much energy. Not a problem for those who exercise! Working out on a regular basis helps to sleep like a baby and be fresh and rested in the morning.

This is an awesome benefit because it can help to increase overall quality of life. Waking up in the morning as good as new – who wouldn’t like that?

Fitness improves internal organs

One of the most important health benefits is an increased supply of oxygen to the body. When you work out, your lungs are getting more oxygen than usual. As the result, they provide the brain and other organs and muscles with oxygen as well, all in a healthy way.

The body therefore becomes stronger each time you exercise. Isn’t that awesome?

Fitness boosts energy levels

To get into action for the day, people try different methods, with coffee being the most popular one. It is even chosen by young people, especially students who need to concentrate on writing

While coffee an effective way to get energized, there is an even better way to get the “natural coffee” in the morning without drinking anything!

You guessed it right, it’s exercise! A workout can give all the energy you need for the day even if you’re not a morning person! In a totally healthy way!

Fitness prevents diseases

That’s right! Fitness is critical for helping the body to recover and function better. Together with a healthy diet, it repairs the damage the body receives from external factors on a daily basis by providing recovery and essential nutrients.

As the result, the body becomes more resistant to diseases. Prevention is better than treatment, agree?

The best part about fitness

This is a good one! The best part of fitness is that no one is going to do that for you. No one is going to do those lunges, crunches, and runs. Everything is in your hands, my friend. Your success is completely in your control.

It is You vs You.

People often say they don’t go the gym because they don’t want to look ridiculous trying to figure everything for themselves. Also, a popular excuse for not exercising is a lack of confidence and even shyness.

Really? Is that what’s keeping you from being more healthy, confident, and happy? When you first experience walking around looking and feeling fit, you will never want to go back. You’ll feel like you can take on the world!

Also, don’t forget that you will wear your hard work wherever you go. Your body is your badge of honor. You’ve put a lot of effort in it, and you get to wear it with pride.

Isn’t that what you want – to have the power over anything you do? People who exercise know that at the end of the day, when they set goals, their success will depend on their dedication and effort. The same could be said about diet. They control everything that goes in their body.

You could do that, too! Wouldn’t you love to hold the key to your progress and improvement? You know that fitness will give you back everything you put in, and there’s no way to fake it.

The bottom line

That’s why we love fitness. It is something that will always be with you no matter what. It won’t let you down. It has so many benefits and we only scratched the surface in this article. Are you willing to discover them all?

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