8 Laws of Digital Media Marketing

by Tom Jager blogger
Digital media can enhance your business in a profound way. But what if you don’t have any or just a little experience with doing business online? In this case, the things will get a lot more complicated.

That’s why it’s important for online entrepreneurs and digital media marketers to have a clear understanding of the essentials of this business. These essentials are often called laws because, well, breaking them dramatically increases your chance of a failure.

On the other hand, following these laws allows to be successful because they show how to effectively operate a business in the industry. Let’s review these laws to make sure you’re updated on the latest strategies in digital marketing.

1. The Law of Focus

Online shoppers prefer companies that operate in a specific niche of the market. Those businesses position themselves as experts in everything are usually not because, well, a jack of all trades is a master of none.

For marketers, brand recognition is everything, and one cannot achieve it if they try to get their brands in as many places as possible (unless you have three million dollars to do all that).

If you are a startup of a small business, it makes sense for you to focus on a narrower audience. This way, you position yourself as an expert in one field plus you don’t have to have a large advertising budget.

2. The Law of Patience

Digital marketing business requires a lot of time and effort, so those thinking they can be the next Internet sensation are in for a big surprise. It really does take some patience and time to get yourself on the path of revenue.

In essence, overnight success does not exist. A person becomes a sensation only after their product or service had been kept in obscurity for years. For example, it took Steve Jobs more than two decades to become a billionaire (Apple was founded in 1976 but it really took off only eight years later in 1984. However, the company struggled again all the way until the 1990s).

In real life, overnight success really takes years. Don’t expect it because it’s an urban legend.

3. The Law of Quality

A management and business guru Philip Crosby famously said: “When you’re out of quality, you’re out of business.” This quote beautifully represents this law. This is especially evident in the case of social media: an online business should strive to gain quality followers who engage on a regular basis instead of building a base of a million inactive leads.

Of course, it goes without saying that the quality of products and services must be high.

4. The Law of Listening

In order to gain more customers, an online business should talk less and listen more. Well, long gone are the days when brands commanded and customers listened. Now, customers are the source of knowledge for new products and services. For example, to know the values and interests of the target audience, a business should engage in reading their online content and interacting with them.

Always listen and respond to online comments and messages otherwise it shows that you simply don’t care. A lack of interest in this case sends a powerful message for potential customers.

5. The Law of Coumpounding

To persuade the online audience to share your content with others, one has to ensure the relevance, usefulness, as well as the entertainment element. For example, formats such as quizzes and entertainment videos typically receive more shares than texts. Companies like essay writing services should produce helpful guides and how-to articles to teach readers how to write quality academic texts.

Such content is critical for a business because further sharing by viewers improves the chances of being noticed by search engines.

So, the formula is pretty simple: quality content that engages target audience leads to shares, which, in turn, increases ranking on Google. This can really boost the popularity of your content.

6. The Law of Value

The online audience also does not appreciate sales persons who try to convince them to buy something in an explicit manner. If a brand sounds too “salesy,” this is often perceived as insincerity. So, the audience just stops listening to this brand; moreover, this negative first impression requires the business to rethink the approach to attracting customers.

To avoid that, honor the law of value. Focus more on producing engaging and attractive content rather than conversations. If your content adds value to the online conversation of the target audience, they will pay attention to it and engage with you. Moreover, they may become your ambassadors by spreading the word about your amazing content.

7. The Law of Influence

Digital media influencers continue to play an increasingly important role in soaring revenues of brands. An excellent example is Nike’s contract with Cristiano Ronaldo. It produced about $500 million in value for the brand. According to Forbes, the soccer star created 347 posts mentioning Nike in 2016, which generated more than 477 million reactions like shares, comments, likes, views, and retweets. The result of this influencer campaign was astonishing: about $500 million for Nike in media value.

The main reason why influencer marketing is successful is that people tend to trust people, not brands. Cristiano Ronaldo is a trusted figure in soccer, so it’s easier for the audience to connect with him and trust him on the recommendations. Build relationships with influencers and use them for promotion – that’s the law of influence.

8. The law of acknowledgement

To be successful in digital media marketing, a brand cannot afford to ignore if someone reaches out. Whether this person is asking for an advice, recommendation, or anything that you can solve, you should respond.A failure to acknowledge people who contact you, on the other hand, creates a bad impression. Who wants to connect with a brand that ignores them?

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