Why To Invest in Construction Submittal Software?

by Max Anderson Business software

According to the prospect of the Deloitte Engineering and Construction Industry, the increase in operating costs and the lack of labor will require a construction company to design a new partnership model and project structure to remain competitive this year. According to statista, nowadays construction companies uses construction software.

However, typical construction projects can display hundreds, if not thousands of shipping and workflows around it. Delay in the last-minute processing or Submittals can cause problems - including information requests (RFI) and change orders - which can lead to significant project delays, impact on productivity and delivery.

The contractor has long been looking for ways to improve their submittal process to streamline their project productivity and reduce the risk of errors because of information late or incomplete.

Trapped in the mud process manual?

Make worse problems, many contractors still rely on a manual approach for shipping.

One of these approaches involves printing and distributing RIM paper and sending emails between offices, fields and returns again. Typical filing can be averaged from 15 to 25 pages per specification and with some people or teams that need to be reviewed, which can mean thousands of sheets of paper that needs to be distributed, reviewed, changed, reviewed by teams in both fields, professionals in the back office and architect and design team. It can mean hours spent in the submittal workflow process.

Only a few better rely on spreadsheets or forms and send emails that go back and forth to the relevant project team members. With the number of changes that are often done during the shipping process, this can mean having to watch inboxes such as Hawk to ensure the right information and workflow is maintained. Only one mistake made along the way if this process can lead to the main project error and expensive rework.

Simplify Submittals through technology

When advanced technology and contractors modernize their operations, the more placing integrated software solutions to streamline the shipping process. This solution digitizes the submittal process at the central location, removing the endless paper trail. With the leading construction software solutions, submittal workflows are integrated into a larger ERP platform, using the same standard data set to ensure that the entire project team always functions from the same data set. And, with a cloud-based solution, the data involved with each shipment can be collected, compiled and shared in real time.

Some of the added benefits of modern software for the shipping process:

· Submittals can be easily produced and distributed quickly throughout the organization and expanded project team

· Increase accessibility to data and visibility into the project, with documents and data available at the user's fingertips in real time

· Advanced tracking from the shipping process, with the audit path to show workflow, status and ball-in-court tasks among members of the project team

· Time reduction spent manually processing shipping and delay projects from awaiting approval or shipping to be closed

· The risk of mitigation projects resulting from errors or information that are incomplete

· Budget and project schedules are more accurate, more easier project offer and project success as a whole

· Cost savings in the overhead needed for the process of sending manual and reworking projects

Leverage Technology to streamline complex processes

Submission Features in Premier Construction Software

With current construction projects that are more complex than before, shipping may be very long, detailed documents that require a special project team to assess many requirements. Due to submissions such as building blocks project, it is very important to ensure they are managed well - not only to ensure the success of the project, but to reduce risk and obligations.

As you can imagine, while supervising the submission process and tracking approval is needed without using construction management software can be a nightmare and ready for mistakes and inaccuracies. To help you navigate the process and make fluid workflow, we are happy to announce the launch of our new shipping features. Throughout these lines, it cannot settle adequately in the choice of innovation of Construction Software development .

Create and Track Construction Submission with Main Construction Software

Our new features will offer the following benefits:

· Make & send an email link to several parties

· Collaboration directly with any third party - no additional fees

· Special annotation knife construction - Add stamps, boxes, comments, etc.

· Can be accessed on any device

· Combine several shared files, sort & regroup

· Track response, maturity date, version control & full history

· Easy to see all the submission history

· Customization of workflow configuration

· Ability to revise & send back

· See & Share Historical response

· Automate new requests for revision

· Set the date & track items late

Quick configuration for the project

Every customer is different in the construction process. Different expectations, different time frames, and different preferences for communication.

This is why your submittal construction process must be equally light, intuitive, and flexible as possible to emphasize reviews, approvals, and decision-making. Ncrypted makes this much easier than most construction management software because we emphasize it right.

Why apply IT in construction?

This in development is the basic capacity which requirements to remain flexible. Although it may look smart to give each innovation assignment to this group, it does not benefit the organization in the long run. All the same things, think about other ways to handle recruitment and organizing representatives, as well as you can even track submission along with Construction Submittal Software that is committed to settling on significant innovation options, especially for the business field. Although it may require a significant stretch to lurk the true experts for the work and coordinate it into their new work, it deserves the time.

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