Why the Playground is Important for Children?

by Rahul Tyagi Team Leader
Every preschool franchise needs to be conscious enough to believe in the contribution as well as the importance of good playtime activity for the development of the children and thus their holistic growth which eventually leads to a better and sound mental as well as emotional stability. In the previous years, there was a sharp decline in the awareness regarding the physical activities and a major focus has shifted to classroom learning programs which affected the growing pattern and health needs of the kids. There was a presence of stress, tension and even depression in kids of every small age due to the active pressure on part of the parents, authorities and the entire system of competition in the name of a better tomorrow. In this never-ending race, people tend to forget that for a better tomorrow it is necessary to be emotionally happy and sound in their age. A well-designed program is thus necessary for the holistic development of the kids for making them the Little Leaders of tomorrow.

Playing is more than just a way of having fun in a child’s life. It is a way to explore the various dimensions of interests, intelligence and likes which your child has. Adding to this play time leads to the development of the horizon of thoughts, socializing skills, leadership and confidence building in a child. Thus, it is not just a way of running around or jumping for an hour but a wholesome way of developing a child emotionally, intellectually and physically; making it as important as classroom learning programme.

Today’s children experience a very different pattern as compared to previous generations, the major reason could be devoted to higher population, modern technology, extreme competition. Unfortunately, on the grounds that it has been just about a long time since kids had that measure of opportunity, time and ability to choose, we presently find that the current generation is the most overweight and unfit ever as compared to those baby boomers because of the abrupt development in technology and change of lifestyle pattern. Maybe this is the reason why they are supposedly quite many years behind (contrasted and past ages) in many parts of their self-improvement.

Many researchers have suggested that kids play less; up to 90 per cent less which is a reason for concern. Recent research suggested that the present generation on an average is 90 seconds slower compared to the old generation and one out of every five children is medically unfit for his/her age, especially physically. That implies that around 1.5 million kids with a genuine danger of long term health issue are right now going undetected essentially in light of the fact that neither the administration nor families are taking a normal estimation of wellness. Children are admitted to schools keeping in mind their holistic development but from an early age, the entire focus is drifted towards better and advanced classroom learning programs.

At this point of time focus has to be kept on developing a creative plan for indulging all the children who have various individual differences to get involved in play time. Develop awareness in parents about its importance for a better tomorrow, to see their little leaders do great in coming days. Playgrounds need to be panned to encourage each child to participate equally rather than only a group being a centre majority while others staying at its periphery. For instance, those kids who are hesitant to play, need to be encouraged by different activities instead of mainstream games. Presently many organizations, schools and authorities are working to develop an understanding of the relation of play time with good health.

At an average each kid should have at least an hour of play time of rigorous physical activity, muscular movement as well as games involving thinking and planning, this eventually leads to complete cognitive development and emotional stability with balanced hormones and decreased tension in the body. One should learn how to completely immerse each child in a playful activity according to his age, interest of games, physiological conditions etc. In designing the schedule, schools often tend to forget about the physically disabled section amongst the kids, their needs and rights to have fun, develop and get equally enhanced. Keeping in mind their needs and conditions specialized engagement techniques are designed.

All these things need focus and great hard work to start thinking about games analytically rather than just some activities of fun. A well-designed playground needs to have all the developed setups rather than just a large field of grass. Well trained staff is needed to be there with the kids to take care of their safety and inclusion of everyone. Adding to this there has to be a careful sense of belief in the contribution of these active hours dedicated for developing the kids into more active, happier and confident beings. Children will tend to be more interested in studies, their sharper mind and thinking capacity, as well as problem-solving, will increase leading to confidence building.

Playtime is more than just involvement of kids in some play activity which is just for the sake of having fun or enhancing their mood. Instead, due to the contribution of many researchers from various fields we get to understand the importance of balanced play time. It has been scientifically proven that children should be encouraged to get involved in extensive physical activities each day to develop and enhance their personality. It leads to the physical, emotional, cognitive and psychological development and maintenance of the kids. All the authorities, families and schools are needed to be involved in encouraging the children and designing creative activities for the involvement of kids of all the different interests and ages into playing every day. This will lead to better health and decrease the chances of diseases and stress. We need to carefully think and devise ways to improve their playtime.

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