Why Small Family is a Happy Family

by Vivek Shukla Digital Marketer with 3 Yrs of Exp.

There is a very famous slogan in the world “Small Family Happy Family” and in this post, we will try to figure out the various advantages supporting this well-known slogan in the word. The world is approaching & adopting the concept of small families especially in developing countries like India, China where the population has become one of the major threats for the development.

Small Family Happy Family

It is very crucial to understand that the development of any nation depends upon its citizens. A rapid explosion of the population accompanies numerous cons such as inflation, depletion of the resources at a fast rate, health issues, poverty, unemployment, and many more. A nation consists of a group of numerous families and the flourishing of any nation relies on the states of the families. A nation with massive population requires more prominent assets to endure and each nation has constrained assets and that is the reason the idea of the small family gains the popularity today.

Small Family Happy Family

Sometime in the past individuals were pleased with having large families but the scenario has been changed in these days and now people start realizing the importance of having a small family.

Here is the list of advantages of having a small family and why are we saying that small families are happier families.

1.     The size of the family and the financial condition of the families are closely related to each other. The living expense of large families is much higher to the comparison of small families and they have to have more expenses on food, cloth, toys, nourishment etc.

2.     It is easy for the parents to fulfill the desire of one or two kids only. They can give the best education and look after them in a very well manner. In large families, sometimes parents are not able to even fulfill the basic desires of the kids. In this way, subsequently, kids endure, thereafter the guardians and at the last country. 

3.    A child in the small family gets more attention and support from the parents to the comparison of a large family.  At the point when guardians have numerous youngsters to take care of, they cannot give their best help to everybody whereas when parents have few children to look after, they can give more support to them.

4.    The size of the family also affects the health especially that of mother & kids. The multiples pregnancies cause the illness of both the mother & the children. It can disrupt the health of women. It puts the mother and baby's health at risk and especially for the women.

Owing to several advantages discussed, it is clear that there are numerous reasons to cheer if you have a small family.

Thus, we can say a small Family is indeed a happy family.

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