Why Should You Use Period Tracker?

by Sonam Tripathi Fashion
Knock Knock…' Who's there?' 'Your period.' 'I didn't know you were coming today.'' Well, you would have known if you were smart enough to have a period tracker on your phone!’

This is a conversation most women have inside their heads with their periods when they wake up with a jolt in the middle of the night, only to realize that ‘the time of the month’ has arrived!

Let’s admit it. A woman who loves her periods is like a dinosaur: a creature you will not find on this planet. It is a different story that for some women their menstrual cycle brings on mood swings and PMS that would scare even a T-Rex. Coming back to periods, yes they come back month after month, sometimes when you think you still have time and sometimes making you wonder why they haven’t arrived still. All this anxiety and anticipation can be put to rest by a simple flick of your finger to download the period tracker on your smartphone. 

A period tracker is like your mom. Just like your mom wakes you up in time day after day, a period tracker keeps telling you when your next period is due, month after month without fail. All you need to do is enter the date of your last period along with the duration for which your period lasts and Voila! The period tracker for teens gives you the date of your next period. Three cheers for technology! Still not convinced? Let’s tell you more.
• Counting on fingers is for children

How many times have you tried to track your period cycle by trying to remember something significant which happened that day? If you do manage to remember the date after wracking your brains, there will still be a probability of you mixing up the dates. After you get the date, you would start the process of counting days on your fingers to calculate the date of your next period. We are sure you don’t want to do this every month. Better option? Get the period tracker for women.

• Time to update the shopping list

You finished your stock of sanitary napkins and tampons when you had your period last month and have been putting off or forgetting to replenish your stock. Imagine the horror of waking up in the middle of the night only to send your husband, boyfriend or dad running to the all-night medical shop. The period tracker will remind you to pick up your supplies in advance.

• Let’s make a baby

The period tracker does not only give you the tentative dates of your period, but it also gives you the ovulation dates for the month. These days are when a woman’s eggs are most fertile and her chances of conceiving are very high. You can share the dates with your partner, giving him a heads up to cancel all his meetings and trips on those ‘important’ days.

• Oh My God! We are having a baby

It is your period tracker which will remind you that you have missed your periods and if that is the case, you might have to pee on that stick to see if you get two red lines or one.

• Goa can wait

You love the beach, you love your bikinis and you love waddling in the sea; but not when you are on your periods. A period tracker by giving you your period dates for several months in advance also works as your travel planner by telling you when you can travel freely without the hassle of carrying your sanitary napkins and tampons.
Don’t you think now that a period tracker is akin to the famous Bollywood actress Helen singing for you ‘Dekho who aa Gaya’…

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