Why should women above 40 check the signs of breast cancer?

by Irshad KK Digital Marketing

As with other types of cancers, we do not know the reason behind the cancer cells. However, there are some factors that we know which increase the risks.  


Awareness of these can help one to assess the chances and to have periodic tests. Early detection is key to survival. The success of breast cancer treatment is higher in such cases. 


Some of the most common risk factors are:

  • Progression of age - The occurrence is higher in the age group above 40 years 
  • Family history - If you have someone in your family with breast cancer, your chances of getting it are higher
  • Personal history- Prior history of breast cancer increases the chances of reoccurrence.
  • Having dense breast tissue - If you have less fat and more connective and glandular tissues in your breast, the risk is higher.
  • Smoking - Long term cigarette smoking increases the risk of breast cancer and also affects the survival rate.
  • Obesity - Being overweight or obese means you have higher levels of insulin and estrogen levels. Both these factors can lead to breast cancer
  • Having children at an advanced age or not having any at all
  • No breastfeeding -Women who have not breastfed children are at a higher risk than others.
  • Prolonged use of oral contraceptives 
  • Hormone therapy after menopause - Women who go for menopausal hormone therapy (MHT) are at a higher risk
  • Early menstruation- Most girls get their first period between 10 and 15 years old. If you had your first period before 12 years, you are at a higher risk group of breast cancer.
  • Late menopause - You should vary about breast cancer if you start menopause after the age of 55
  • Exposure to radiation - If you have exposure to ionizing radiation, your risk level of breast cancer is higher.
  • Exposure to light at night- Women who work in the nights with bright lights tend to have higher melatonin levels. It can increase the chances of breast cancer

If you are above 40 years and have any of these issues, you should go for regular breast cancer screening tests. 

While these signs may not always indicate breast cancer, it is always good to get an expert opinion. 


It is better to be safe than sorry later. So, do not ignore these signs and be aware of the risks. Remember that breast cancer is treatable, and you can expect a full recovery if treated early

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