Recovery from ACL surgery

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ACL reconstruction surgery is a common but major surgical procedure. You will need some time to recover from the surgery before carrying out normal activities.

While you will be able to walk properly without crutches after ten days of ACL surgery, complete recovery may take around six months.

A well-structured ACL rehab protocol is vital for your quick recovery. Doctors would suggest the right program for you, which will then be carried out by expert physiotherapists.

Your recovery program would typically be along the following path.

Immediately after Surgery

You will start using crutches while you are still at the hospital. There will also be an explanation and demonstration of the exercises that you will have to start immediately.

Weeks 1 & 2

The main focus during this period is to reduce swelling in the joints, increase the range of motion in the knee, and start walking again without crutches. You will be on crutches, usually for 7-10 days after the surgery. The doctor may give you pain killers in case you have severe pain. The physical therapy regime should start during this period with a focus on knee movements – bending, straightening, and raising the affected leg.

Weeks 2 - 6

By now, swelling and inflammation would have settled. The key goal now would be to strengthen the leg muscles, especially your quadriceps. You can start more intense activities like swimming and cycling during this period.

If you have an office/desk job, you could start working from week 3 or 4 onwards. You can start driving the car in 3-4 weeks after the surgery.

Weeks 6-24

You can return to regular activity during this period except for sports, which require sudden turning, twisting, stopping, or turning.

If you are doing a manual job, you will be able to return to work by around the 12th week.

You will be able to return to active sports in about six months.

Risks of ACL surgery

With modern surgical techniques and the high skill level of doctors, the success rate of ACL surgery is around 90%. However, as with any other surgery, it also carries some amount of risk with it. The most common ones are

  • Infection – Even though the chances of infection from the medical wounds are less than 1%, antibiotics would be given after the surgery to prevent it.
  • Blood clot – Again, the chances are very less (less than 0.1%). However, the doctors may give medication if they feel that you are at risk.
  • Knee pain- This is common after ACL surgery, with about 2 out of 10 people affected by pain. The pain will be around the knee cap after the surgery. A full and proper rehabilitation regime can help here.
  • Stiffness- This is also a common complaint. Your rehab program will address this issue too.

Proper rehabilitation program with the help of experienced and qualified physiotherapists can greatly help in reducing all these risks.

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