Why should software regression testing be carried out?

by Riley Claire Senior Software Test Engineer

Regression testing plays a significant role in the software development process because it ensures that the new code that has been introduced does not impact the existing functionalities of the software product or application. When a specific feature or module is introduced, updated and changed, regression testing is carried out to ensure that the software product or application is functioning as expected. Regression testing also makes sure that the new changes that have been introduced or new features that have been added are also functioning as expected. There may be a probability of code incompatibility issues because testers and developers frequently strive to identify every thread of code. For this purpose, regression tests are run so that bugs can be found earlier and software can be released with fewer risks. In this article, you will get to know the need to conduct software regression testing.

What is regression testing?

It is a testing method that helps developers and testers effectively handle the changes or modifications introduced in the code without compromising the overall quality and efficiency of the software product or application. All the software areas are strategically measured by software regression testing to make sure that the functionalities and features remain unaffected by program or code adjustments.

The following are different types of regression testing:

1. Bug regression: The success of fixes or patches to defects is confirmed through this type of regression testing

2. Conversion testing: The application's state is validated through conversion testing after it has been transported to another platform

3. Build Verification: Sequential, small testing is used by testers to confirm whether or not a build has been irreparably damaged.

Following are a few key reasons that depict the need to carry out regression testing:

1. Defects are checked accordingly: Software regression testing can be used by developers in QA assessments to verify if there are any adverse issues in the software. For example, a video game developer might use the regression testing method to assess any glitches, bugs or issues after a new gaming code has been introduced into an application. If the program has been identified with issues or bugs, the developer can go back and make the necessary changes before the application is retested again to make sure the issues have been fixed.

2. The value of retesting: Additional test executions are provided by the regression test method to make sure the viability of changes that have been made to the program codes. When each case has been retested after a software change or update, it allows developers to scrutinize how the changes that have been made recently affect the program. For example, right after new program codes have been initialized, the software program is tested by a software developer and then finds out that the existing features are disabled by new features. Retesting is used by the developer each time a change or repair is made to the update.

3. The existing functionality should be maintained properly: Regression testing makes sure that any new program or code updates to software do not interrupt the current features of the code. When a program or application is being updated, regression testing is performed to evaluate the viability of new features.

4. Assessing the new programming code: The success of implementing new code into the existing code or program is evaluated by the regression testing method. The software program can be tested accordingly before the new code is implemented through the regression test method. The same software can be retested by the regression test method to make sure that the application's functionality is retained even when new code has been introduced in the software application.                   

Conclusion: If you are looking forward to implementing regression testing for your specific organization, then do get connected with a premium software testing services company that will provide professional consultation and support on developing a crystal-clear regression test strategy.

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