Regression Testing for Web Applications: Challenges and Solutions

by Riley Claire Senior Software Test Engineer

Web application development is a structured, dynamic and innovative process. It also requires rigorous testing to make sure that the web applications are functional, stable and user-friendly. The strategic application of regression testing ensures that web application development is carried out productively and rewardingly. The performance and reliability of the web application can be effectively streamlined and properly maintained through the effective use of a regression testing platform. 

Errors are identified and resolved early on in the web application development process, thereby saving time and crucial resources. In this article, you will get to know the tactical implementation of regression testing for web applications.

The strategic significance of regression testing:

 A consistent seamless experience is expected by users out of the application's new releases, versions and updates, regardless of the browser or system that is being accessed. Users expect that the features run as expected. The regression testing platform makes sure that the changes introduced in the code do not alter or modify the existing application. The team should make sure that regression testing for web applications is done tactically.

Following are a few user requirements that can be taken into consideration:

  •           The functionality of an app works as intended

  •       The application should work on different browsers and platforms

  •       There should be a consistent visual style of the application

  •        Invalid input should not be accepted.

Following are the challenges of regression testing along with solutions:

1. Automation should be built in-sprint: There might be at least one sprint due to which there might be a lag in automation. There might be a possibility that regression testing of the new feature might be ignored by teams at the end of the cycle due to the time and manual effort  required to achieve complete test coverage.

Solution: The automation test can be built by the testing team so that the element ui / objects identifiers can be filled in.

2. The Dev/Test complete gap must be reduced: After changes are introduced in the code and after every development iteration there is a need to run regression tests.

Solution: The regression tests should be automatically triggered by the delivery pipeline whenever a successful build has been made. This in turn results in a shorter feedback loop between testers and developers, which, in turn, leads to identifying errors faster and then fixing them accordingly.

3. The challenge with selecting the right automation tool: Developing a maintainable and robust automation framework is considered to be a challenge. Upon that, UI identifiers and "likely to change" objects need to be effectively managed.    

Solution: The specific automation tool that has been selected by the team must make sure that the automated tests are maintainable and reusable and are also non-resistant to changes in the application UI.

The stability of automated tests should also be taken into consideration. Another key tactic is to let the automation tool providers themselves demonstrate how the risk can be minimized and the release quality can be improved. The right automation tool can effectively carry out regression testing for web applications.  

4. Streamlining the communication gap: Due to communication related issues, there will be instances where major bugs or issues were not identified early on in the software development and testing process. The team lacked to set up an effective communication channel and thus failed to communicate effectively.

Solution: A pragmatic communication tool can be used to understand the project status and broadcast changes effectively. 

Conclusion: Depending upon the complexity and scope of the web application project along with the frequency of code changes, the platform of regression testing can be strategically implemented. You can also get strategic support from a competent and reliable software testing services company that can help you in providing precise regression testing solutions based on your project. 

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