Why Senior Citizen Homes Can Be Considered Safe

by Kanan James NGO INDIA

Many people come up with questions like why a senior citizen home, is it safer, can it be a home away from home? The answer is yes, it can be. Elder parents who live in isolation or live in castigating environment are better sheltered in old age homes for the primary reasons that they are always under constant observation and live with people with similar backgrounds sharing each other’s joy and sorrows that develops a feeling of compassion towards each other.

Senior citizen homes

The population of old people in India is colossal and will not slow down in the future. The problems faced by the older generation is a major concern. Things like physical abuse, negligence, denial of basic needs, confined social life, ill-treatment are some of the issues which senior citizens face on a daily basis mostly by their own heirs (and their spouses). Ergo, senior citizen homes have set up to accommodate individuals who face such harassment on a daily basis. Not just that but there are old persons who are childless or living far away from their children and are in urgent need of guidance and observation to ensure their well-being for the rest of their lives. Many NGOs have helped created such centres/institutions which act as old age homes consisting of all facilities that an elderly adult requires. Following are the advantages of an old age home that an aged individual might not get living alone or in a dysfunctional family.

Constant observation and monitoring

Old age weakens the body as especially when a person has aged 60 or above. He/she is prone to many acute and chronic illnesses. Residing in an old age home ensures thorough invigilation by nurses and assistants who will look after with utmost care, keep a constant track on their movements, give them timely medicines and add support in running daily errands which an elderly person may not gather the strength to do it solely. Thus, such homes give their best when it comes to caring for old people.

Protected Environment

Safety is one of the most integral concerns for a person who has grown old and lives alone. Accidental tripping/falling may cause some serious injuries which can prove to be fatal. In old age homes, a person’s safety will always be safeguarded by compounders delegated to responsibly look after the concerned persons. Another major issue why safety is foremost for the elderly as it keeps them unthreatened from any form of physical abuse. It happens a lot that many senior parents are enrolled in old age homes because they were recipients of constant verbal or physical maltreatment from their family members. In order to protect from such malevolence, old age homes are comparatively much safer places assuring them total security.


Senior citizen homes are a congregation of several senior citizens who carry with them years of worldly experience. Sharing each other’s good and bad experiences generate mutual sympathy among the inhabitants which creates a certain kinship within. Such companionship is extremely healthy and keeps the elderly persons mentally complacent.

Space for recreation

Many old age homes have set up things that will keep the residents engaged in some activity. Many domiciles have libraries for those who love to read quietly, yoga centres to keep fit, many in-house activities like dumb charades, Q&A sessions, interactions that encourage everyone to actively participate and many other things that are meant for recreational purposes.

Old age homes aren’t just centres that restrict only to provide help for the elderly but with continuous upgradation have introduced various in-house activities that help to keep the older gen proactive. An aged individual who is involved in any kind of work signifies that he/she is always in action which keeps them fitter, healthier and away from ailments. Plus, these homes are safer and much better options than isolation or putting up with ill-mannered family members.

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