Why People Hate and Love Your Mobile App?

by Arthor Alberto

Although the iOS development company or Android development company which you hire for developing your app tries its best in creating the app still there are many apps which are not liked by the users or consumers. As per a research, 80% of the mobile apps are not even tried second time if they failed to impress the user in the first try. Is it your company or you or your developer whose face people do not like? Who is responsible for this? You know that these things are not responsible for the hatred received by your app. It is only the functionalities of mobile app which are responsible for the bad impression about your app. Surely this reduces your credibility in the market. 

Most of the people now start believing in one thing that they now prefer mobile apps more than the mobile websites as they are faster, convenient and easy to navigate. For example, nowadays billions of people use Facebook but they like to use Facebook app on their mobile phone rather than opening its mobile friendly website.  Also nowadays large number of people use their mobile phone to browse the internet. Hence if your mobile app has some issues then you should renovate it as soon as possible otherwise it will affect your business. As per a research, only 16% people prefer to give a second chance if your app fails to impress the users in the first chance. 

As an iOS App Development Company or an Android app development company the first thing you should do is to sit and try to find flaws in your app. Make sure that your app is error free as people don’t like the apps which have some bugs or flaws. This is also due to intense competition among the Android and iPhone app developers. Users with such experience with an app quickly switch to other mobile apps as there are many similar apps available in the market.

Use Smart Tools for Analyzing your App

There are several tools available in the market and in app store which can analyze the user ratings and present them in histograms way. App stores have many smart tools which can track down your apps image from user’s comment.  There are many analysis software which can analyze millions of user ratings and comments in mobile app market to give a rank to your mobile app. They can tell you where your app actually stands in the market. 

If you are providing iOS App Development Services or Android app development services then you have to read this article carefully as in this article, I am trying to tell you everything about the points which end up making your mobile app unattractive and how we can solve this problem. First let’s find out why your mobile app fails to leave good impression on the users and in the mobile App Store.

Making Better Image with Marketing

Although marketing helps a lot but don’t go overboard as it can affect your social image. Do not create irritating pop-ups to follow your social account as it can even lead to abandoning of your app altogether. You have to have patience and surely people will start following your social account if your app is worth it.

Using Full Screen Advertisements

Although Advertising is needed for monetization of your app but don’t go up to an extent that it starts irritating the users. No one likes the full screen video ad while they are in middle of something. This can lead to abandoning of your app even if it is good. Hence unresponsive and full screen ads are not good for a good user experience. You can do advertisement but do it wisely so that it does not affect the people’s work.

Unsystematic Views

As we have said earlier, nowadays people use smaller devices like smartphones to access the internet and mostly they use mobile apps through them. So as a mobile app developer it is your responsibility to provide a rich experience to users when it comes to view of the app. Hence you have to make sure that the content of the app does not require unnecessary resizing and zooming in or out.

Extracting Personal Information from Personal Accounts

Many apps are in a position where they take the user’s permission that they can extract the personal information of the users through their Facebook and other personal accounts. Do not ever try to do that. Make it sure that you extract only that information which is required by your app as no user wants to share his private and personal information with any random mobile app.

High Use of Push Notifications

High use of push notifications can irritate the users and they will delete your mobile app from the app list as it can create chaos on their mobile device. It is not that you should not advertise and not use push notifications but make sure that users can control these things themselves and advertisements and push notifications can be controllable by the users through some settings.

Asking users Several Time to Like Your App

If you ask several time to like your app then instead of liking users will dislike it.  I am not saying that you do not send this request at all but control the frequency. Also you have to regulate your app by sending updates when you think that the maximum level has been reached by the app in terms of requests. 

Your App Crashes in Between

Users delete and stop using those mobile apps which crash in between. In a research it was found that the major reasons why users delete a mobile app are:- Crashing, Hanging, Poor responsiveness, flogging advertisements and heavy battery usage. These reasons are also responsible for getting bad user reviews. Hence make sure that you test your mobile app extensively so that it doesn’t face any of these issues.


We have just discussed the major reasons why Customers and App stores start hating any mobile app. Every business wants to succeed through its mobile app. But that’s a double edged sword. Although having a mobile app for your business is a good idea but if your mobile app is not upto the mark, lack quality and has many issues and errors in it then it will even bring bad reviews and bad image for your company. Hence use the international standard latest quality and development practices and processes while developing the app and make sure you don’t overdo the advertisement so that your app makes a long lasting and good impression on the mind of the users and consumers. 

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