Top Development Trends You can Expect in 2018

by Arthor Alberto
If you are working in some Software Development Company then you must be aware of the fact that the only certainty in the tech industry is the constant change. In 2018 most of the customers are going digital. Both the aspiring and current tech professional are wise enough to consider industry trends to guide their career further. The winners will be the one who will adapt to change. Now customers want to surf the internet, want to remain connected to the internet all the time and like to spend most of their time on Smartphones. Hence if you are a business owner then now is the time to build a strong online presence for a credible brand image. Hence it is better to build a latest cutting edge website or a mobile app to stay connected to your customers all the time. These are most profitable options now. But before you take the plunge of building your website or mobile app, just take a look at the development trends that most of the IT companies are following in 2018. It will help you to know which programming language and development trend is best for your project.

Top Programming and Development Trends:-

This year many new development trends have emerged and many lost ground. The most important growth has seen in JavaScript which is becoming more and more popular in every front of development. Let’s start with this only.


Consider Custom Software Development where whether any other programming language is used or not but use of JavaScript is essential to add some features or animations into the project. According to most of the research reports, JavaScript is on the top of the list of most popular programming languages. With newly released Angular 4, React fibre, feature packed Node.js many other popular frameworks and libraries, JavaScript is becoming extensive popular and developers at top IT companies are more eager to learn this programming language than any other. With the help of JavaScript, developers can develope complex applications with less lines of code and in less time. These app can easily be turned into cross platform mobile apps using Xamarin and other techniques which can save lots of time for developers.


Python has become very popular recently as it is widely accepted as language for data scientists and data analysts. It is also popular among software engineers, managers, system analysts and web developers and used extensively in major IT companies for many kinds of projects. Python is second most popular language as searched for tutorials on Google. Also Python is said to be prominent language which will be used more in Artificial Intelligence related projects in future.

Swift 2

When we talk about mobile app development then Swift is the new most popular language for use on iOS. Earlier iOS developers used to build applications using Objective C but with the launch of Swift their programming efforts have reduced and quality of apps have improved a lot. Swift has already entered the top 10 list and preferred by IT companies engaged in iOS app development a lot. Soon Swift will replace Objective C with its lots of new developer friendly features.

Java 8.0

Java has about 22% market share therefore Java is still maintaining its dominating position as the most popular programming language and development trend in 2018 also. Although with other languages becoming increasingly popular Java has lost some of its ground but that’s tiny 1%. Java 8 gives fast performance and with very less code a feature rich application can be build. Although latest version of Java was released in 2014 still it offer tremendous features and performance and it very cost effective for businesses.

PHP 7.0

Among the successful programming languages how can we forget PHP which is the spine of the modern websites on internet. PHP 7 offers very fast performance with less lines of code. Earlier PHP was used to just build dynamic websites but now it is easy to execute PHP code faster. Now even the hard core programmers are taking interest in writing codes in PHP. You cannot expect the modern day internet without the most significant contribution by PHP. Hence it is one of the top languages which IT companies prefer even now a days to create amazing websites and web applications.


We have just discussed the most popular development programming languages which will be in trend in 2018. If you want to remain in the business you can learn any of these and contribute in web development or mobile app development projects accordingly. These languages have made development process simpler and offer applications which deliver faster performances.

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