Why nutrition makes you a genius mathematician?

by Angela Baker Freelance Writer

Many people make the mistake of calling nutritionists plain doctors or healthcare providers. While it does amount to helping others cope with their health problems, nutrition goes far beyond that.

Nutrition involves calculating the exact amounts of food a person should take when they should take them and what their follow-up should be. In short, nutritionists are sort of mathematicians in their own way and looking for genuine help is often out of the question. Doing any type of nutrition work will require extensive use of mathematics. As such, it can help you become good in both fields at once.

Crunching numbers

First and foremost, nutritionists delve deep into crunching calories and carbs for their patients. Doing so requires patience and focus, not so much knowledge about complex mathematic formulas. Even though the educational tools of nutrition are text books rather than mathematical assignments, their responsibility cannot be overstated. While simple additions and divisions might seem arbitrary, they often reflect the way a nutritionist communicates and works with their patients.

Working with numbers is their constant struggle, not because of the difficulty of it but because of the risk involved in each subsequent mathematical operation. Adding too much or too little calories to someone’s daily plan can cause them to gain or lose weight improperly. This is why working in nutrition can help you become better at mathematics at the same time. It is also known that best writers also see nutrition as the source of energy that will help them to work more productively.

Working under pressure

Nutritionists deal with real people and real life issues. Even though mathematics is behind everything we do as a human species, it still doesn’t come close to helping an actual person with health problems.

That is why people who work in nutrition know what’s at stake at all times. If they fail at their job, someone might get hurt or die. While it doesn’t happen often, it’s always possible to give someone the wrong prescription, just like an ordinary doctor would.

Working under such life-threatening pressure allows nutritionists to develop a problem-solving mentality and solve math problems easier than most. Because they spend their everyday life solving health issues with other people, putting math issues on paper and solving them without immediate consequences seems arbitrary for them.

Creating roadmaps                                

Creating a food plan for someone is not like high quality essay writing but much like solving a complex mathematical equation. There are a number of known and unknown factors to consider and you can’t exclude any of them in your solution. The difference is an obvious one – a living person will react to a bad diet much more aggressively than the best college essays would do a wrong answer.

Even though looking for help with math problems is possible these brave people tend to rely on their knowledge and expertise to solve their problems. Nutritionists are versatile in finding ways to get from point A to point B without losing the trust of their clients. The same can be said for mathematics – if you make one misstep, the entire equation falls apart.

Thinking outside the box

Relying on your textbooks and lectures isn’t always the best idea. Some patients might require out-of-the-box thinking in order to get better and successfully overcome their issues even if it`s just about professional writing.

While the same rule doesn’t translate directly to mathematics and you can always look for college essay help, it’s still true that many assignments and equations will seem too simple to be true. That is why nutritionists have the upper hand in these situations since they rarely take things for granted. Looking for hidden elements and shortcuts to solve seemingly complex problems does come at a cost, however – learning about nutrition takes years of effort and relentless work.

Theory through practice

Learning math through nutrition has its own set of benefits. For one, you will learn about practical ways of helping people with their health and diet problems without involving too much theory in it. Going into math with this mindset will help you a great deal and allow you to visualize your problems and not just think of them as abstract.

Looking for best essay help after such experiences will become a thing of the past since you will easily complete your own projects. Not just that, but can even connect certain equation elements to your cases and patients in real life, making it easier to relax and focus on solving a problem instead of stressing over an assignment.

Looking at the benefits of studying nutrition before delving into mathematics makes it a no brainier – everyone should study one and then the other! While the case might seem simple, it’s far from it.

People who need extensive math skills rarely need any nutrition skills whatsoever. They are simply interested in other fields such as IT or accounting. On the other hand, nutritionists are far too busy with anatomy and biology in their food studies to pay close attention to math and often opt for help with homework instead.

While the two fields are interconnected, they proudly stand apart as viable studying options for anyone who is still searching for their true calling. Explore both options closely and see if you can find a third one that might work perfectly for you.


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