Why Memory Foam over Anything Else?

by Pankhil Desai Mattress Expert
After a hectic schedule at work, you deserve a revitalizing deep sleep which can relax your body and brain to kick-start your new day. But you do not get proper sleep due to various hindrances, the type of mattress being the major one.
The mattress you sleep on is the creator of many other problems which act as an obstacle between you and good quality sleep.

Over past few years, the memory foam mattresses have replaced the all-pervasive spring mattresses and has transformed into a popular choice among a majority. Behind this transformation are the benefits and the level of comfort which nothing else but memory foam mattresses provide to you.

Here are some of the top reasons why these bedding materials changed into a popular alternative from just a matter of novelty:

1. Adjustable

The memory foam mattresses are known for their pressure relieving benefits. Unlike springs or other firm materials, memory foam mattresses don’t push you back or force you to contour to it, rather these mattresses yield, as you lay down on them, and adjust to your shape. In other words, they provide you with protection, comfort and cushiness along with a deep good night’s sleep.

2. Spine Alignment and Pain Prevention

Given that memory foam mattresses contour to your body’s curves and spread your weight evenly across the bed’s surface, these mattress materials support your lower back, allowing your spine to stay in a neutral position.

This feature of memory foam mattresses sets the stage for relieving current pain and preventing pain as well. By providing correct spine alignment, adjusting according to your body and not creating pressure points, you can experience optimum coziness.

3. Dust Mite Reduction

Normal mattress material, such as the padded spring mattresses are home to millions of dust mites. But memory foam mattresses are designed in such a manner that inside of the mattress doesn’t provide room for the dust mites and discourage them effectively. Hence, memory foam mattresses simply aren’t the place for these tiny allergens to thrive and survive, helping you control and mitigate them.

4. No Fear of Allergies

As these mattresses are considered hypo-allergenic (good for those who suffer from fibre allergies). These bedding materials are made to repel and mitigate the dust mites, hence the memory foam mattresses are a great choice for allergy-sufferers as they can sleep without worrying about the allergic reactions.

5. Motion Isolation

Motion Isolation is one of the key benefits of having memory foam mattresses. These mattresses absorb the motion and isolate rather than transferring it to your partner. Hence, the memory foam mattresses are of essential benefits for couples having different schedules and for light sleepers.

6. Durable

The other major benefit provided by the memory foam mattresses is their life-span. The average memory foam mattress is capable of serving you for around 10 years without losing the comfort and is less like to sag or have the body imprints compared to other mattresses.

7. Maintenance

Memory foam mattresses need comparatively low maintenance in terms of upkeep. Just some basic vacuuming and rotating a few times per year can do the work, unlike other mattresses. Also, these mattresses do not have spring to bust or electronic parts to haywire, so there’s no requirement of efforts to maintain it regularly.

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