Why is Prelims Test Series a must!

by Chanakya Coaching Top IAS Academy

Test Series for Civil Services Examination are, by far, one of the most speculated elements of the preparation phase. Candidates aspiring for the very coveted Civil Services exam are always up-heal asking questions like ‘is it important to enrol in a test series’, ‘when we should enrol in a test series’, ‘which is the best test series for Civil Services Exam’, and the list of questions is endless. Now, with Civil Services Prelims Exam 2019 coming up, this question needs to be answered by an expert so that the aspirants can make a wise decision.

Prelims is an objective stage of the Civil Services examination and there is a lot about preparing for the phase, then just answering the questions –

* You must master the art of eliminating the wrong options

* You must make quick choices in given time, which should be well practiced, beforehand

* Prelims is the qualifying stage to even reach the next stage! Cannot be taken lightly!

It is an obvious fact that no exam can be given without having completed its given syllabus, but with competitive exam like Civil Services, a lot more adds to ace the performance. Now, if you understand the above-mentioned points, you will see that all the 3 aspects of this exam require enough practice in the right context. Prelims Test Series, also called the Mock Tests, is the key here!

Prelims Test Series are prepared by Subject matter experts and experienced personals, from the Civil Services fraternity, after a detailed research on relevant topics and in regard to the upcoming stage of the Civil Services Examination. Static subjects-based questions, like from Economy or Polity, are also often asked in current relevance so that students can get to understand and practice important areas from where questions might get framed in the actual exam.

Enrol for a Prelims Test Series for –

1. Practicing the knowledge attained with preparing for the exam – Prelims Test Series/Mock Tests are the best way to practice solving the prelims paper in the exam stimulated environment like time constraints, actual exam pattern, etc. In addition, you get enough practice of solving the questions which will test your current knowledge in regard to Civil Services Examination. There is always a slight chance to have missed upon certain important topics which again Test Series will guide you with diversely covering the entire syllabus. Thus, nothing goes left out for you! Deep down, Prelims Test series is also helping you learn to answer questions in the actual Civil Services Exam.

2. Test Series are window into actual Prelims Exam – As we just mentioned that Mock Tests are prepared in strict regard to the UPSC Civil Services Exam, which makes it convenient for students to understand the actual pattern of the exam, mindset of the examiners and also get fair idea of the important topics in regard to current scenario, that can be covered in the Civil Services Examination. You will actually be able to look into what can be expected in the Prelims exam, just except that questions may differ.

3. As we said above, it will help you master the art of eliminating the wrong options – Writing such a coveted examination, it is normal to be nervous and under pressure, result of which often effects one’s performance in the examination. Mock Tests help candidates master the art of eliminating wrong options, through constant practice, and go ahead with the most probable answers, also saving on their precious time.

4. Assess your preparation under expert guidance – Prelims Test Series, provided by trusted coaching institutions, like Chanakya IAS Academy, are assessed & evaluated by subject experts and highly experienced personals from the Civil Services fraternity. Their critical assessment and guidance will not just help you find the right answers that must be given but also develop an understanding of the question asked in respect to the topic being discussed. Post answer evaluation of all the 30 tests provided by the academy, it will be easier for students to work on the weak areas like understanding how a single topic can be questioned in diverse ways.

5. Ultimate confidence booster – It is said that more the encounter you have with a topic, better are the chances to remember the important points. And when it comes to remembering the vast syllabus for Civil Services Examination, solving multiple tests serves as the best confidence & morale booster, where you get to cover the entire syllabus in a span of tests. The logic behind this is simple, the more knowledge you have about a topic or subject, the more confident you will feel in answering any question you are asked about the same. Also, when you find yourself in good ranks, post giving the tests, there is a sense of gratification which also boosts one’s morale & confidence.

Education is not mere studying to give the exam and achieve a rank. Education is must learn the art of living life, successfully, in each aspect of life. And when you study smart, results are definitely the best. Solving Prelims Test Series for Civil Services Prelims Exam preparation is, similarly, a smart move and is thus strongly recommended for an effective preparation. Now that you know the simple but crucial benefits of solving Prelims Test Series, we strongly recommend you to go find yourself the best option and enrol!

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