Why is Digital Thermometer Better than Mercury Thermometer?

by Arvin Apsen Cell phone repair parts

The mercury thermometer has been used for temperature measurement in our life quite a historic time. With technology development, a digital thermometer is taking over the mercury thermometer today. How come the digital thermometer is better than the mercury thermometer? Here we come up with three reasons to analyze.


1. Digital thermometer is faster on temperature measurement result providing

The digital thermometer gauges our body temperature by using electronic circuits. When the probe is heated by our body, it energizes the circuits with electric power and strengthens the amperage. The higher our body temperature is, the more powerful the electric flow is, and the stronger the amperage is. When the amperage is switched into data and shows on the thermometer screen, we can read the results immediately. The whole process is very fast in only 15-20 seconds. It works in the same theory as IR temperature gun. On the other hand, while, the mercury thermometer has to be 10-15 minutes so that we can see the results on the calibration tube.


2. Digital thermometer is more accurate for temperature measurement

Furthermore, digital thermometers are more accurate on body temperature than the mercury thermometers. The accuracy of a digital thermometer could be 0.1  with 0.01  errors. There is a thermocouple sensor installed in the probe of the digital thermometer. It is highly sensitive to temperature and will calculate it with accurate data on the screen. As to the mercury thermometer, whose operational principle is mercury expanding under heat, the accuracy is not as good as digital thermometers.   


3. Digital thermometer is safer for use on house living  

Since we would have to take our body temperature frequently at home these days, the digital thermometer is the best device because it is safe for usage. The mercury thermometer is made of glass and mercury. As we know, it is fragile. Moreover, mercury is a toxic chemical, which will contaminate human bodies after released. It is not easy to clean up if the thermometer is damaged and mercury splashes. The digital thermometer is made of hard plastic, PET material, and rubber. Same as the infrared thermometer, it is safe for our bodies. What’s more, it is not easy to break.   


From the three reasons above we can see that digital thermometer is better than a mercury thermometer on faster and more accurate measurement results providing, safer for use in our life. Taking our body temperature at home every day is necessary because it is a good way to avoid Covid-19 from spreading. All in all, you may leave your comments if you have any opinion about the analysis above.

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