Why & How Embalming Chemicals are used in Mortuaries?

by Nancy Jemes Blogger
Embalming Chemicals are a variety of decontaminate, preservatives and fumigant agents and are used to restore the body in natural appearance after the death.  In another word you can also say it is the art or science of preserving the human and animals after the death to prevent decomposition. 

The mixture of decontaminate, preservatives and fumigant agents is known as embalming fluid and it is used  to keep the deceased body suitable for both funeral purpose and for medical research in anatomical laboratory. Embalming fluid is the mixture of three chemicals i.e. Formaldehyde, Glutaraldehyde and Methanol and also other chemicals. 

Reasons for using embalming chemicals in mortuaries:

  • Embalming Chemicals are basically used in mortuaries to keep the human body in natural appearance after the death for the medical purpose and funeral purpose.

  • Another use of embalming chemicals in mortuaries is for the act or process of dissecting by medical professionals, medical students and researcher. 

  • The main purpose of this chemical used in mortuaries is for postponing decomposition as long as possible.

If you want to keep the body for few days then it is important to embalm the body. If the body is not embalmed then it decomposes very quickly.

Process of Embalming:

Preparation: The first process of embalming. In this process the body is fist cleansed. During this time the body is massaged and flexed.

Arterial Embalming: This process involves removal of blood from the whole body. This process is done using a pumping device that performs like the heart of a human.

Cavity Embalming: This step includes removal of gases and fluid from the organs. Trocar instrument is used for cavity embalming. Trocar is a large hollow needle. The chest and abdominal organs are punctured with the help of trocar and after that they are replaced by the embalming chemicals.

Hypodermic Embalming: This process is used to inject the embalming chemicals in those areas where chemicals are not reachable with other methods, with the help of Hypodermic Needle.

Surface Embalming: In this process embalming fluid is used onto some areas of body that have become damaged due to decomposition. Then the body is washed again.

Cosmetic Application: It is used to do makeup some parts of body like hands, neck and face. Sometimes gel is applied on the hair and powder for absorbing the oil of the body. 

Aesthetics: For the embalming procedure aesthetic is necessary. Aesthetics Includes washing, dressing, surfacing, cosmetic and placing the body in the casket. 

Embalming is a key process and art of the preserving of human body to retread decomposition and also make the deceased’s body suitable for both funeral purpose and the medical research.

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