Why Healthcare Experts should include Telehealth App & Software services in their Practice currently

by Ashish Sharma Digital Marketing Expert
The outbreak of the coronavirus has forced people to take care of their health digitally through the use of telehealth facilities. It is advantageous to consult medical practitioners over the internet, through the software developed by telehealth app & software development companies like SISGAIN. It allows us to consult physicians, anytime and anywhere, exchange important information regarding health or take care of trivial illnesses through self-care features. This has benefited the medical experts as well as the patients in terms of accessibility, transparency and affordability.

Telehealth software companies are highly recommendable to patients as well as clinicians. It increases accessibility through remote monitoring. The times of the pandemic are exceptionally difficult and people prefer to run their errands while staying in isolation. The telehealth software development companies like SISGAIN allow people to consult physicians from their homes. It saves transportation costs and benefits the people, who reside in remote areas. Altogether, it uplifts the neglected section of society, like the senior citizen, financially dependent and the ones staying in rural areas. Thus, when a telehealth software is developed every section is taken into accountability.

The main objective behind telehealth software development is to extend health related services to all since health is a primary concern for everyone, especially in today’s time, when a virus has pushed the world to its edge. The telehealth facilitates one to stay in quarantine and interact with a doctor and gain recovery. The method is quite simple and more effective than the traditional one of physically visiting a clinician. Several factors promote the use of telemed software platforms to cater to our medical needs. It is not only advantageous to the patients but to medical experts as well. By now, it is evident how it is useful to patients. In this section, we are going to discuss the advantages it renders to the medical practitioners, most of which gained importance recently. We have shortlisted the top five benefits which are listed below.

  • Remote-monitoring of patients from one’s own home.

Mobile telehealth solutions enable the medical practitioners to remotely monitor the patients, without meeting them in person. With the outbreak of the pandemic, everyone is advised to stay in isolation. But, one must continue with his or her professional liability, anyway. To tackle this problem, telehealth software development companies like SISGAIN provided an effective solution in the form of a telemed software. The clinician can reach out to his or her patient through the telehealth software which allows them to use advanced features like video consultation, referring to a patient’s medical history and prescribing medicine. This reduces the medical professional’s chances of contacting a disease as the entire appointment procedure is done virtually. 

  • Consultation with other doctors is now possible.

Telehealth software allows medical experts to consult each other in case of confusion. The medical experts can share a screen and assist each other on medical grounds. This ensures efficiency in the workflow and reduces the chances of error.  In case of a confusion, a clinician could refer to another one even if he or she is present in a remote area, since the entire process is conducted digitally.  During a pandemic, like this one, the professional does not need to come in contact with another person. This ensures safety and hygiene and social distancing is abided to. One can consult another doctor through the telehealth software to maintain professionalism and uplift worth ethics.

  • Generation of higher practice revenue

As the number of patients accessing the healthcare software increases, consequently, the revenue increases. More people tend to connect to the clinician for several reasons like, higher accessibility, affordability and simplicity. One can interact with the physician from anywhere. As the traditional problems are solved by the telehealth software developed by SISGAIN, people tend to be more health conscious, therefore causing an increment in the practitioner’s revenue. For extended service, the physician is compensated. He or she gets fair payment for the hours served by him or her. This ensures that no professional is exploited and is entitled to his or her financial security.

  • The ‘no-show’ problem has been overcome.

Often, it happens that after fixing an appointment, a patient does not show up on the day concerned. This happens due to several reasons like, financial instability, distance from the clinic, and occupation with other activities and even forgetfulness (especially for older patients). This leads to a waste of time, money and resources. All of these have been overcome with the emergence of telehealth. One can access the software or application from the comfort of their homes. This reduces the problem of absence on the day of appointment. When a person does so, the doctor’s time and resources are compensated by them in the form of a cancellation fee.

  • Medical efficiency is achieved.

The medical field is an essential one. Thus, it needs to be efficient and effective at the same time. It is important for the medical professionals to take care of the patient’s health. Once, a patient or a user, accesses a telemedicine software platform, his or her medical data is collected which is crucial for the doctor to study the symptoms of the patient and provide a solution. This data can be accessed if and when required, thus reducing the chances of data redundancy. The clinician needs to know the medical history of the patient for effective treatment. Therefore, the entire medical procedure becomes organized and economically integral, as the amount of paperwork is reduced. Moreover, crucial documents like the prescription, reports of a diagnosis, etc. are delivered over the internet. This results in the decline in time consumption and amount spent.

Almost, everyone possesses a smartphone, therefore it can be used for a purpose that would benefit our health. Health must not be avoided and every individual is entitled to well being. Similarly, a clinician’s health holds equal gravity. So, as a medical professional, one can serve the subjects while staying in quarantine, through the telehealth software development company, SISGAIN.

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