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by Ashish Sharma Digital Marketing Expert

Feeling sick and want to visit the hospital but cannot because the hospital is extremely far away from your house? A lot of us face this issue. Then you try to ignore your symptoms until it becomes extremely difficult to control and you have to visit the emergency room to get checked out by a doctor. This story continues and gets worse every time somebody says it out loud.

Why do we not go to the hospital when the first symptom shows? Probably because there are no hospitals around your house or maybe there are hospitals but there are no good doctors available. The obsession with finding a good doctor to look at you has been around for as long as doctors have. 

A lot of the time, patients have to travel to far off places to visit a doctor. Or worse, if they have a condition that can only be treated by a specialist in the medical field, they have to travel more. That’s a lot of travelling for one doctor. 

To help patients not have to face problems to visit a doctor, we provide you with a software application that can be used from anywhere and at any time. The application brings you closer to the specialist of your choice, without having to travel somewhere far off.

Telehealth application is what it is called. 

How does telehealth work? What is telehealth? Can it really provide medical care from a distance? 

Hold up! All of this will be answered. 

Just don’t get tired of reading. 

What is telehealth? Telehealth is the transfer of medical information from one place to another, with the use of new technologies. The telehealth software system can transmit a patient’s worries and queries to a doctor of their choice, from any time and to anywhere. The software provided by us to different hospitals, clinics and other medical care providing centres is easy to use and efficient. 

Many times healthcare providers are not available to look at patients, in times like these Telehealth works like magic. It is available at all times. You can receive solutions for all your problems from the comfort of your homes. With the help of SISGAIN’s telehealth software development services, you can connect with the doctor of your choice. 

Telehealth can also be helpful for patients who are old and cannot travel every other week to the hospitals. Older patients prefer to stay in their homes and not have to adjust to the new rooms in the hospital. Our telehealth app development services make sure no old patient ever has to adjust somewhere they do not want to.

Telehealth solutions

The healthcare need for patients with complicated conditions and with older patients is a must nowadays. If not taken seriously, things can become worse in a matter of some days only. Our telehealth application provides complete access to medical professionals. 

It is important to look after patients after any major surgery, our applications help healthcare providers monitor their patients 24/7. Our technology can help medical care providers treat patients who come far off places as well. We have delivered some of the best telehealth software to our clients all around the world. We have also designed custom build software for our clients to meet all of their requirements.

Our applications can also be used on your mobile phones. Our software applications are built to help you receive care from anywhere, mobile phones are the best way to do that. Mobile telehealth solutions are gaining importance in the healthcare sector. Mobile telehealth software is available anywhere and at all times. 

Using mobile phones to receive medical care can be the most effective way because we all know how to operate mobile phones easily. We provide you with mobile telehealth software to make your experience much easier and to help you receive medical care even when travelling.

Patients with the help of our telehealth applications can handle all their appointments online. Having online appointments is the easiest way of receiving medical care. The patient can open our applications and click on the online appointment section. From there they can easily select a doctor and connect with them. Doctors get benefits out of this also, they do not have to work non stop for patients. The doctor can take a break from attending patients and only accept the appointment request when they have a stable mind.

With the use of telehealth applications, patients have access to care at all times. Their activities are monitored at all times. This makes making payments easier. Patients get notification on their medical devices and can with the touch of one button pay their bills. Since the system monitors everything, no wrong payment is made.

Telehealth not only increases patient care methods but also helps in cutting down expenses. By shifting the cost from expensive patient rooms in hospitals to into the patient’s own homes, it can help increase revenue numbers for hospitals. Cutting down on hospital emergency rooms can also help hospitals in many ways. 

Telehealth allows patients to connect with healthcare providers via video calls or phone calls. These calls are just as useful as the old method of receiving medical care, but a lot easier. The doctor can easily communicate with the patient and then come up with a treatment plan for them. The treatment plan can range from monitoring the patient’s symptoms for the next 24 hours and looking for any new or growing changes or it could be prescribing them medicine. Because of these easy solutions, telehealth applications are taking over other methods of care. 

The telehealth software makes data sharing safe also. When a patient share’s their data with their health care provider, they want entire privacy with it. A lot of other companies do not provide complete security to patient data, we at SISGAIN give you software that is HIPAA bound, making sure none of your data ever gets into the hands of unauthorized people.

Our telehealth applications have made it possible for people from different places to gain access to the best medical treatments available. Our company grows to do so in the future as well.

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