Why Does Parents & Childcare Provider Relationship Matter?

by Isabel Blamey Professional writer
In this modern era, an integral part of parenting is Childcare in Western Sydney. In most families, both parents are working. Therefore, parenting the kids and maintaining the work-life simultaneously can are challenging. These care centres escalate growth and development of the children. These centres contribute to strengthening families, communities, and society because today’s child is the future of its family, community, and society.  To make early learning even more impactful, the parents should team up with their caregivers. The parents should:

Develop a Healthy Relationship

Children are benefitted most when the parents and caregivers work together on their overall development (physical and psychological). They need a strong partnership for supporting each other. The caregivers bring their experience and knowledge of the educational and development requirements of the children while the parents bring the knowledge of their kid’s strengths, requirements, and interests. 

The relationship between parents and caregivers can be developed by two-way communication- a feeling of trust, goal sharing, and expectations. They should provide each other with information and resources. In some cases, they should take decisions about the children jointly. For making such relationship successful, following qualities are required:

  • Communication between parents and caregivers daily
  • Trust between the two and a feeling of ease while working together for the children
  • Parent’s involvement in each activity of the children in the setting of childcare in Granville
  • Asking for feedback and giving the right feedback

Communicate with the Caregivers

Communication plays a critical role in children’s daycare life. There are several ways to maintain communication with caregivers. Some of the most sought after ways are noted below:

  • Regular emails and notes
  • Scheduled parent-teacher meetings to discuss the child’s progress and development agenda
  • Maintaining a regular notebook in which both parents and caregivers write notes to each other
  • Telephone calls when concerns arise

Let Caregivers Know More about the Child

No one knows a child better than the parents. Therefore, parents should help caregivers learn more about children. The more they will learn about the children, more they will understand the children and the right understanding is required to groom the child in the proper way. 

How Should Parents Help Caregivers?

There are many ways the parents can help the caregivers know about the children. Some of the key ways include:

Parents can make a page diagram of their children. A picture of the child should be placed in the middle of the page with the child’s name and age below the page. Lines can be drawn from the edges of the picture and small boxes can be placed surrounding the picture with several categories, such as favourite foods, favourite activities, etc. 

Photos of the child can be shared with the providers 
Parents should clearly let the providers know about their expectations and hopes
Parents should provide the caregivers with suggestions to make their tasks easier

Bottom Line

This way, the relationship between parents and caregivers can be developed and strengthened. If you are looking for childcare in Western Sydney, first you should realise that caregivers would not be able to groom your child without your help and support.


The Author is a child counselor who has been working with renowned childcare in Western Sydney for many years. Earlier, she has worked as an advisor with eminent childcare in Granville. Also she maintains her own blog on parenting and child psychology.

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