Why do you have to be honest with your customers?

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Why do you have to be honest with your customers? 


·    Because lying is bad. 

Does it make you smile?  Because it is obvious that one hears without ceasing, but without unfortunately always taking it seriously.  However, the lie, whatever it is, is completely to proscribe if one wants to establish a relation of trust with a prospect and when one wants to retain a customer.

Once we have established this, we can focus a little more precisely on the importance of a clear and frank exchange with your client.  When you offer a service to a prospect, it must be clear, unsurprising and perfectly defined.  And it's not for nothing!  Many prospects are especially scared of one thing:  scams.  To chase away this idea directly from their heads, only one solution: good communication and total transparency.

·    Being honest means what? 

First, do not make promises that you will not be able to keep.  No need to  oversell  your skills or announce a very short deadline if in the end you will not be able to do your job in these terms.  Promoting exceptional spin-offs does not help either, and if that will perhaps convince you a new client for the first time, there is little chance that he will return to the fund if he has been disappointed in the dreams you made him glimmer. 

But it also means being completely transparent about the delivery you deliver:  what will your service really bring to the customer?  What will really change once you have audited and improved the SEO of its site?  These questions must have concrete and verifiable answers.  They may  seem less  selling on paper, but will provide your customer with a reassurance on what they buy.

Being honest, it also happens during the course of the order.  An unforeseen delay, the impossibility of technique to meet all the requirements of your customer?  The more you communicate quickly and frankly, the more your client will understand your little addicts and will be able to keep a positive image of your service  (and will be likely to reorder) . 

This honesty is always well received by your customers, even before the order:  it helps to enter a relationship of trust. 

·    Be transparent in your presentation on the Internet.

More and more people are looking for providers via the Internet.  Thus, transparency also requires a caring and clear attitude when you appear on your website  (or social networks) .  A photo of you, a talking pseudonym or your name simply,  these are  messages of trust that you send indirectly to your customer, but that push him to buy your benefits more easily. 

Without wanting to do in the melo, we promise you:  honesty always pays.  Even major brands have understood:  you do not want to buy just a good spread, you also want to know exactly what is in it, where it comes from, who made it.  Do you say that for your customers, it's the same!  By applying some of these tips, you can improve the way your potential customers see you, but also facilitate your conversations and convince them to come back to you. 


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Ayojide Buremoh Magnate I   Smart Solutions Consultant
Very good write up, Integrity and appropriate delivery on time as agreed is what earns us trust from our customers and clients. Thank you for sharing.
Feb 16th 2020 16:22   
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