Why Do Research Consultants Rely On Instagram’s Data Mine?

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Do you think Instagram is just a social media platform? Yes, it’s true! It’s a photography app. Social community posts selfies, funny poses & travel or other images. What do you know about Instagram? Let’s I reveal its fact file.

Around 500 million males and 300 million females constitute its active user community. If we look at its population, it would stand 12th by position. 

This hub registers around 95 million+ photos and videos. And around 40 billion of the photos and videos have been shared so far. Aren’t these astounding facts!

Now imagine, how much data it would have? It would, at least, be in petabytes (i.e. 1024 terrabytes). What a big data size it is, isn’t? 

Data is a fundamental block of research: 

Research is the initial step of any business, be it online or offline. Data is its basic fuel, or you can say, it’s a building block. Its contributors are none other than the global community. Obviously, it would have the real-time data. Therefore, the marketers hook into it for predictive analysis.

Undoubtedly, the real time data hides patterns of buying and behavior. The business research uncovers secrets that stay untapped. The tapped patterns create a thorough analysis. And when the data analyst goes through from various verticals, he develops ideal predictive business strategies or intelligence. 

All these steps define an effective data mining funnel. Eventually, the data appears in phenomenal role.  After facebook & Whatsapp, Instagram is its one of the biggest mines. That’s why it’s the buzzword for every research consultant.   

Why do research consultants rely on Instagram’s data mine?

Let’s catch the prominent five reasons.

1. Hash tag is an asset:

Catch a look of Instagram’s posts. It’s an eye-catching picture library. Besides, there is one more thing-that is a hash tag (#). This magical tag turns a word or phrase or an image into filterable. Facebook and Twitter have witnessed it.

And the data researchers employ it to pitch what they want to search.

Let’s say, Australia has 7.7 million Instagram users. A reputed research constancy firm in Gold Coast sifted through this media. And its target was to filter the pizza lovers. By pinning the # tag with pizzalovers, it met the flood of pizza-lovers in the comment box.

The consultancy wanted pizza-lovers data. The analytics of Instagram delivered it. It banked on the hash tag. In return, its client (the prospective pizza startup) got paid off.    

Now, the client would buck up. It would draft a marketing strategy accordingly.

2. Customers engage:

The survey of CNBC covered 2030 small businesses. Its facts were worth jaw-dropping.  Around 26% of these businesses hire social media. Either it’s for publishing ad data or to dig out customers’ details. And Instagram is one of them.

Another fact states that its users will leapfrog from 48.8% to 70.7% by 2017. Small businesses know the power of pictures. Its 50% community follows at least a business.  This is why around 5,00,000 businesses advertise on this platform. The marketers use it 4.9% on an average.  

The researchers have found these facts mind-boggling. They realized that its users are generic. They don’t have monitory intentions behind their picture-posts. So, the followers find them trustworthy.  This is why its data is real and worthy for extraction.  

The research consultancy can deliver the data of genuine customers. Thereby, the clients find enhancing engagement a walkover.

3. Learn how to make CTA (Call-to-Action):

Most of the businesses use this app to attract customers. Their wise digital marketers comb through various ideas. And they raise a sense of urgency. How? 

Just look at this example:

This message pushes the buzzer for the customers. It raises an urgency to invest in the deal. This time critical element pushes them to grab the deal.

Such kind of data inclines researchers. They walk through the ideas. Later, they implement it in their own online marketing strategies. So, what’s the hottest trend to sale is unveiled. And its credit goes to researchers.

4. Instagram develops intimate customers:

Do you know National Geographic Channel has 65.7 million visitors on this app?  It’s no wonder that 34.9 million users are associated with 9CAG. And Nike enjoys 24.9 million fans’ following via this app.

All these brands realized its influence. They frequently post how they heal pain-point. With a small story of how their products sizzle, they rock.

The research consultancy firm drills these facts. The analysis via this app uncovers customers’ profile. They come to know their expectations. With a small story, they reveal how their products can heal their pain points. The customers relate and develop an intimacy. As a result, the brands enjoy great success.

5. Pictures hooks & researchers build up stories:

Pictures cast long-lasting impact. This is why this app is whom 800 million people love. The researchers get nerves of this huge community. They extract what it prefers. Their behavior comes in the spotlight of marketers with the least of efforts.

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