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Shifting Trend:   

Are you aware of the IoT (Internet of Things)?

Let me explain it through a simple example. I’m dead sure you’d be well versed with the video chat & messaging. How do you go live on the desktop or smartphone of your best buddy or a relative? How do job consultants receive your resume in a wink?

Have you seriously given thought a bit over it? It’s just because of the IoT. An IT engineer sets an intersection point of a CCTV camera, desktops, a punching machine, mobile phones and many other electronic devices. Thereby, the interconnected devices could exchange data with one another.     

Now, the technology has taken a giant leap to smart office. Recently, Amazon has launched “Alexa for Business”. It’s discovered to redefine the way of working. It’s going to be more intelligent. The employees can perform more efficiently. More productive working environment would serve a feast to the entrepreneur’s appetite for a fat profit.    

What is a smart office?

The smart office is a responsive landscape to work seamlessly and at a fast pace.

Let’s create a scenario wherein around a cent workers discharge managed IT services in Gold Coast. They outsource the IT support to enterprises across the globe. However, IoT has been their crucial asset to appease the global clients. But an advanced technology is a true delight.

As the firm introduced Amazon’s Alexa for Business, the workplace got transformed into a responsive campus. The requirement of every different employee got unified. The IT infrastructure needed no manual instruction as it would set it according to the set schedule. For instance, the meetings & conferences started occurring as per predefined schedule. The lights dimmed & curtains fell down automatically on time. The presentation would begin popping on the screen. No machine preparation, no manual instructions-the office depicted an overwhelming productive environment. It exhibits one of the best ways of asset management in IT infrastructure. Every seam was ironed out in the in-house needs.

Why smart office?  

It’s what the altering trend demands. To make the digital landscape more intelligent as well as adaptable to the workflows, we need the office landscape more responsive. All these revolutionary techniques are making it happened:   

1.       Internet of Things (IoT)

2.       Machine Learning

3.       Interconnectivity & proactivity 

Benefits of a Smart Office:

The smart office campus would surely an adieu to the traditional way of working. It’s the coolest idea to replace the offbeat workplace with smarter ways.


Catch a few of its benefits to understand why I’m advocating for it:

1.       Reduce energy consumption:

Evoke an office scene where in lights get switched on and off as per schedule. Internal temperature slides from 24 degree Celsius in the cool morning to 20 degree Celsius in the noon. None puts manual effort to switch off the electrical appliances after office hour, but get put off automatically.

A case study reveals that network-based HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) conserved 364,921 gallons of water every year in the building sprawled in 2,20,000 sq. ft..  

All these and many more smart features converge together. Eventually, it’s a big saving of energy as well as hard-earned money. 

2.       Sync the work & schedule:  

Put stress on your mind to compute how much calories you spend daily on manual scheduling conference/meeting, lining it up, and following it also. The consequent figure would be shocking. You can save those calories along with electricity. And also, you can schedule and stay at rest. The devices fit in the smart office will take care of it.     

3.       Kick up the morale of the employees:

The devices like Alexa for business or Home do pitch and perform the role of a messenger. Isn’t it a walkover to trace the location of the favicon in the emails through IT support of the smart office devices? The productivity scales up. At the end, the efficiency of the employees boosts up. Resultantly, appreciation and appraisals give a kick to work in a more productive manner.  

4.       Replace ‘eye on’ supervision with the real progress:

The integrated analysis features of these office devices would let you heave a sigh of relief. The higher level authority and administration need not keep an eye over the actions each employee. Rather, they can mould the smart device to release an alert to the inactive or inefficient executive. It would raise the buzzer and the supervisory would never put an extra ton of burden.   

5.       Maximize security:

Invading the virtual security zone of the modern smart devices is a Herculean task. They are stringent and extremely robust. The data is secured in the encrypted form of the third party. And, most of the devices are the cloud exempt. So, you need not fear from the cyber spies. All in all, such IT supports are hacking proof.

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