Why decorate with Crushed velvet curtains?

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Velvet is a royal and sophisticated fabric. It depicts loyalty and possessiveness. Velvet looks extremely beautiful and blends well with the interior of your place that is why it is widely used in interior design. Crushed velvet is a type of velvet having creases on its surface is also used extensively. Crushed velvet is mostly used for making curtains because crushed velvet curtains make the interior of your place warm and cozy blending well with the interior at the same time.

If you are currently planning to change the curtains, we recommend you to go for the crushed velvet curtains because they will fit well into your place and compliment the interior by adding more beauty to it. If you design your place with the crushed velvet curtains, you can achieve any look including urban hip, countryside chic look, or royal romantic scenery. They are available in a wide range comprising almost all the color schemes and styles. You can add crushed velvet curtains to your place for the following reasons:

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Crushed velvet curtains add a bold touch

Crushed velvet curtains add a touch of tranquility and boldness. Blue, red, black, coffee, dark green, and orange-colored curtains are one the widely used ones when it comes to adding a bold touch to your place. These curtains create a lasting impression on the viewers and your guests. Moreover, you can add these curtains everywhere including bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, drawing rooms, and even restrooms.

Crushed velvet curtains add warmth

If you live in the cold or snowy areas, droughts are likely to come into your place and make it cold like ice. You need a shield against it to keep your place warm and cozy. For this purpose, you can add the crushed velvet curtains to your interior, they efficiently block the draughts and do not let them come in and disrupt the functionality of your heating system. They also help to maintain the temperature of your place and keep it warm. They also tend to reduce the electricity bills by reducing the need for heating systems which resultantly save you money.

Crushed velvet curtains create a dramatic look

To create a dramatic look, crushed velvet curtains are the best option. They come in a number of colors & create a strong impression as well. Moreover, they appear shimmery when refracting light. Which makes them appear glittery and deep leading to a more dramatic look? You can also add different textures, like flowers & patterns to create an intriguing look. For the best & stunning results, all you have to do is to add a complimenting color & design that suits our place.

Crushed velvet curtains add mystery to the place

Crushed velvet curtains have a great tendency to add mystery to your place. Their unique color schemes and designs create a well-organized and well-planned look. For creating a mysterious look, you should go for dark colors like burgundy, black, maroon, deep red, and brown. For a deeper look, you can add these dark curtains with a light weighted fabric.

Crushed velvet curtains create a blackout

Crushed velvet curtains are thick and heavy. They block light and create a perfect blackout just like the blackout curtains. If you want to create a blackout but want to get other benefits like interior decoration, mystery, and elegance, crushed velvet curtains are the best available option. If you can buy crushed velvet curtains in affordable price then shop now here.

Crushed velvet curtains are Easy to care

Crushed velvet curtains are easy to care for. You can clean them regularly with a vacuum cleaner or a soft velvet brush in the direction of the pile. Moreover, crushed velvet curtains do not get dirty or stained quickly. You do not have to worry about the wrinkles as well because these curtains already have creases on them.

For washing the curtains, you can wash them in the washing machine by using a gentle cycle. In addition to that, it is very easy to dry the curtains, you can dry them in the air or by the drying machine. These curtains are hard wearing and are unlikely to rip. They offer great strength and longevity so you do not need to replace them often.

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