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In this part, we will discuss the calculation of stakes and the strategy to be used according to the size of your bankroll.

Calculation of stakes

As a general rule, it is best not to bet more than 5% of the amount of your bankroll per bet. After this threshold, losses can have a lasting impact on your capital. In all cases, there is a relevant system to help you calculate the amount to be placed on each bet: the unit of bet. This concept can materialize either by a fixed unit, or by a variable unit. Discover below the characteristics of these two techniques.

The fixed unit

By opting for the fixed unit, you consider that a unit is always worth x dollars and that the stake of each bet must always be equivalent to this sum of money. To take a concrete example, you start your adventure on a sports betting site with a bankroll of 1000 dollars and a fixed unit of 20 dollars, or 2% of your starting capital. This means that your bets will always be 10 dollars, whether your bankroll increases or decreases.

This is the main drawback of this technique: the fixed unit is relatively simple to set up but does not adapt to changes in your budget. If you chain the losing forecasts, the amount of each bet becomes inadequate in relation to your new capital. Conversely, the fixed unit may not be suitable for you if you have managed to increase your bankroll, unless of course you are naturally cautious. For the situs domino online this is important.

The variable unit: sports betting bankroll management

The variable unit is a technique opposite to the fixed unit concerning the calculation of bets. Here, you will adapt the amount of each bet to the evolution of your bankroll. To use the example of a starting capital of 1000 dollars and a unit of 20 dollars, you will adapt to your results. If your bankroll is around 1500 dollars, you can place your bets with a unit of 30 dollars. Conversely, you will have to play with a unit of 10 dollars if your budget drops around 500 dollars. In summary, the variable unit makes it possible to calculate its bets compared to the real amount of the capital.

This technique therefore offers two significant advantages over the fixed unit: wagers proportional to your winnings and minimal risks of bankruptcy. We therefore advise you to use the variable unit instead to calculate your bets.

Managing a small bankroll

If your budget is tight enough, we advise you to apply a unit of 1 to 3% compared to the capital. In addition, it is better to focus on the weak ratings to obtain convincing results. Certainly, your bankroll will grow slowly, but steadily. You should also prioritize each potential value bet and take advantage of the bonuses offered by the bookmakers to bet at a lower cost, while maintaining the same winning prospects. Goo for the best choice there.

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