Why Business Strategists Focus on Big Data to Transform Education?

by Neha Sharma Digital marketing head

Educational firms are rightfully witnessing a tech disruption. While smart classes enhanced by a ‘presenter’ or a ‘facilitator’, online classes, and more are increasingly becoming common nowadays, it has become imperative for new age firms to comprehend the changing landscape if they are to witness any business success. Be it admissions, performance management, workflow, courses, exams, and results, the tech-savvy generation won’t adopt you if you disregard tech-enabled models and go back to the old methodologies.

Just to be clear, this is how the world has exactly changed. Previously, it was educational firms who chose students. Now barring the handful of mainstream institutions, all are engaging in an ever-familiar competition race to bag students. For the Indian educational sector, this is perhaps more pronounced than anywhere else. Hence, hiring a business strategy or consulting firms to extrapolate a business plan has become a dire necessity. And, in line with recent trends, such strategy consulting firms in India are focusing on more tech-enabled business blueprints such as Big Data, AI, Cloud, etc to arm the new-age educational firms with better service capabilities to its students. Here are 3 major reasons how Big Data is slowly transforming the education industry

Enhance Student Performances

Till now, the only method of student extrapolation was taking exams and evaluating their answers. Sure, that is a very outdated method to understand a student’s capabilities, positive traits, choices in life, and the ways he/she can be successful. With tech tools, however, things are taking a new turn.

Firms can now gather unique data on student’s response time to a certain question, their behavioural traits, preferences, and hobbies from social media, monitoring of actions, and much more. Firms can give almost real-time feedback for students and provide them with a much-enhanced learning experience, assisting in the wholesome improvement of the student

 Reduction of Bad Results

Armed with Big Data, institutions can strive for better drop-out results or lower failure rates. Accumulating data on different student activities in real-time, they can extrapolate a student’s strengths and weakness and use analytics to understand how these students can perform in different subjects in the long run. Accordingly, they can assign special training or classes for such students to improve. Collecting data from past students engaged in different colleges or jobs, they can run thorough market analysis and also provide students with unique insights on which college or job type would be suitable for them according to their strengths

  Customizable Courses

This is a new age educational model that is slowly disrupting the conventional systems. Earlier it wasn’t possible to understand a student’s strengths and weaknesses, choices, early on. Hence, most students had to learn everything and then start on preferred programs. But, now with children becoming more tech savvy, they show clear signs of wherein their strengths are. With data accumulation and insight generations, educational firms can comprehend a student’s positives and extrapolate customizable courses from the very start. This would allow students to have better focus, gain better knowledge because they are themselves interested, and hence have successful careers in the long run. Data-powered true customizable educational programs would be a revolution in the industry.

 All these reasons make it clear how Big Data can challenge age-old educational models and herald a completely new age. Amidst fiercer competitions, hence, strategy consulting firms in India have become all the more inclined towards making data-driven strategies for their clients in order to accompany them towards business success.

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